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    Somehow I have two front page images in the ‘about’. The template is built around the default, Silly me went and deleted all Kubrik files once the temple was up and running thinking they were not needed..bah!

    Is there a way to get those images out of the ‘about’ please? I could have percivered with one, but two of the same image is silly to see.

    I have done a ‘static post'(never goes away) with the same image but the other two have what I wanted for the first boarder, the original does’nt which is annoying to say the least.

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  • Katijah, if you set it as “resolved” you could have tell us what was the problem and how did you fix it.

    I worked on the WordPress till I was dizzy for two whole days and even last night I had to uninstall.

    I think my static posts appeared on more than one page. Once in index.php and once in either page, or single. Off hand I can’t remember which page. Once I removed one of them the about was fine.

    Where do we put a static post becuse I had to uninstall due to posts going past the template? today I hope to do a complete new install using the latest dl.
    Thanks moshu and again sorry.

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