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  • Hi Frank,

    great to see a really good swissknife-like plugin for multisite installations. I’m using a multisite installation for my regional blog project PF-BITS with some special using. Let me introduce this to understand my suggestions for your plugin.

    I’m running the first instance on and have some pages there and of course all postings of this blog.

    For a special need I have configured a second instance on This was neccessary because I’m using some special code and custom post formats so I don’t wanted to “contaminate” the first instance with these things. And I wanted a strictly separated area for content providers.

    First and second instance look the same and, interestingly, WordPress Multisite is a powerful goal for this work of WordPress frameworking.

    What I’m missing is a good working plugin solution for sharing menus and widget contexts. The need for this is reasonable – the used menus are already done on the first instance and it would be good to tell a second instance to get the (or some) menu(s) from the first instance.

    I found a plugin named “Multisite Master Shared Menu” but this plugin gets only the first menu of the mother instance.

    A second thing is the sharing of widget contexts. I have found a second plugin named “Multisite Widgets Context” that does this sharing of widget contexts well but it could better in a big multisite solution. I think it would be a really time saver to define a “sublevel” of widget context which could be linked easily to all instances of a multisite installation. I told this idea to the author but badly with no response.

    It would be great to hear/read your thoughts on this things.


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  • Plugin Author Frank


    Hi Besim.

    Your requirements are clear, I think, but not in the context of my plugin. I list only stuff to help to understand the usage of plugin, themes in the Multisite context.
    Currently I haven’t a solution for share this objects in the multisite context.


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