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  • Hi there;

    First off, great plugin: very clean and easy-to-use (and the ability to add classes to print off only clicked sections of one page – where I have multiple ‘print-me’ short-code sections – is just awesome)!

    Today, I purchased your ‘Print-Pro-Matic‘ plugin (specifically for the Force Visible Attribute‘), and I have looked through your forum for answers on how to do a very specific thing, but with no luck.

    As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I have multiple ‘print-me’ areas for one page; anyone can click one of the ‘print-me’ icons and since I’ve attributed only a particular class for any given icon, it will only print that certain area’s content. With this however is a small issue: I am unable to get the images within the class to display on the print pop-up area – it is only allowing the text to show up (I thought the ‘Force Visible Attribute did this for some reason by setting & defining a class in the image & short-code, but it turns out I was incorrect in that assumption).

    I understand the ‘Print Page Top HTML‘ allows for images to print, but the problem with that is that every section will have their own images, and the header by itself wouldn’t suffice because it would just have the same image where they should be different.

    So, now after you have survived my long-winded blah-blah above :), is there anything I can do on my end to make it possible to allow the images I place inside the body to display for print? If any images, examples, etc. are needed (it is a private site in production at the moment), I’d be happy to provide.

    Thanks in advance and again, excellent plugin!

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  • Hi everyone;

    Would anyone in the development team have any answer on this? If it’s not possible, that’s ok – I’d just like to know.

    Thanks in advance and have a good day!

    I am having a similar problem. I saw a previous support question around this and the answer was that you have to use absolute paths to the image file and not relative.

    However, I have hundreds of images on my site with relative paths. Also it breaks the ability to have an offline working version of the site if I make them all absolute.

    To the developers: Is there no way to get the plugin to support relative paths?

    Plugin Author Baden


    Roger, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Please contact us directly at the support email listed in your purchase receipt. We’ll get you squared away, toot-sweet. Not sure what toot-sweet means, but maybe it means… fast-ish?

    Plugin Author Baden


    @webtomeasure: please open a new thread and provide a link to your page. Is there a reason why your images are using relative paths? We’ll look into the issue and try and work out a smart solution for you.

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