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  • Recently our server got a spike of traffic and WordPress to become really slow. after some investigation, I found that Simple History storing a ton of records in our database:

    wp_b7afed30c8_simple_history_contexts	7,338,922	643.5 MiB

    This even crashes our backup plugin (Duplicator) because this table is too large for our server. I hope there could be an option to limit how many records/events to store with Simple History.


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  • I’m also finding that the fact it logs every login attempt is bloating our database.
    Is there a way to choose what gets logged?
    I would like to disable logging of user logins and attempted logins.

    Actually, I just read the readme file in the plugin source code and see that this is already possible:

    = Is it possible to exclude users from the log? =

    Yes, you exclude users by role or email using the filter simple_history/log/do_log.
    See the [examples file](

    The examples file shows the following code to filter out failed logins:

    // Don’t log failed logins
    add_filter(‘simple_history/simple_logger/log_message_key’, function ($doLog, $loggerSlug, $messageKey, $SimpleLoggerLogLevelsLevel, $context) {
    // Don’t log login attempts to non existing users
    if (‘SimpleUserLogger’ == $loggerSlug && ‘user_unknown_login_failed’ == $messageKey) {
    $doLog = false;
    // Don’t log failed logins to existing users
    if (‘SimpleUserLogger’ == $loggerSlug && ‘user_login_failed’ == $messageKey) {
    $doLog = false;
    return $doLog;
    }, 10, 5);

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