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    Voicing support for a previous ticket comment requesting that the plugin doesn’t force use of V2 CAPTCHA if recaptcha-for-wooocommerce is already in place. We would prefer to use invisible captcha as we’re losing many orders/customers with v2 CAPTCHA as they’re confused and not able to complete checkout.


    Hi, we’ve had the recaptcha-for-woocommerce plugin, with the v3/invisible recaptcha, running on our site to prevent fraud attempts and it works great.

    Being forced into v2/checkbox with additional code to load in is very undesirable for us, mostly because we don’t want that extra hurdle in our checkout – we will lose sales, without any benefit.

    I see that the CardConnect plugin is currently checking for the recaptcha-for-woocommerce being in place, along with the option for it running in the checkout. But your plugin just warns users to disable that recaptcha-for-woocommerce option.

    I am requesting that you please update the CardConnect plugin so that if this alternate captcha solution is in place, we aren’t forced to use v2/checkbox from your plugin.


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    @in2itivedigital We are looking into making the new security options optional, as long as the site admins are aware of any risks surrounding carding events, and if we get approval for this change, we will issue a new update. Currently, due to massive amounts of fraudulent carding events during Covid, CardPointe deems this required.

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    Checking in to see if there are any updates here :)?

    Thank you!

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    Please call your CardPointe rep or account manager to request this. We do have a request in to allow it to be optional.

    I’ll need to close this thread, as we will update any new features via a sticky and/or the WP Admin, when and if this gets approved.

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