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  • Re “Browser Caching – Reduce page load times for repeat visitors”

    The help on this shows that there are some settings that get sent to the visitors browser;
    Information Icon help on “leverage-browser-caching”

    There is however, no way to adjust these settings. It would be exceptionally useful to be able to adjust the time spans for these settings, both site wide, and if possible specifically for certain pages.
    There are several other settings to speed up the experience of the site visitor, and they can all be built in to this plugin, using the same method for the settings which are available already.

    There is the option to send the cache commands via meta-tags in the html <HEAD>, and/or in the HTTP header. These both get treated differently in the different cache types (Server, Proxy/CDN, Browser). So one method may be better than another, depending on the web admin’s objectives. But also a combination of the two methods may allow the ability to exploit the best of both worlds.

    There are several old and newer ways of managing caches, where the caching is allowed to take place, and how to check for updated source files. Some set ups even allow the website to force flush the caches along the route to the visitor.
    And many of the settings can be individually set for each file type, used in the page.
    All these options would be very useful, and this plugin would be a very suitable vehicle for a comprehensive coverage of these functions.

    It would take some programming work, but not much more than already completed.
    And a bit of research – but there are several sites that completely cover this topic (and could eventually be informed that this plugin does all of those features, should the reader want an easy way to implement them).

    A small note that may improve the useability of the plugin UI, would be to layout the UI such that there is clear delineation between cache settings that control ;
    a) WordPress itself
    b) the server the website is on
    c) intermediate servers enroute to the visitor (proxy and/or cdn)
    d-i) the visitor’s browser (different browser may behave different ways, and some devices may behave differently)
    d-ii) the website admin and author’s browsers

    Hope this helps

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  • Plugin Author Emre Vona


    should I read all the text?

    (Short Answer)

    You do not have to read any of it.
    Wishing you a pleasant day.
    Thank you.

    (Explanatory Answer)

    Hi Emre,

    re: “should” – there is no imperative.

    re: “I” . This text was written for anybody that wants to read it. It is keyworded so that anybody that is looking for the topic of caching in WordPress may find it. The text was written for this plugin because it is the plugin being used by us, though a number of points may apply to other caching plugins (in which case they can find the comments here).

    re: “all the text” – I like to put bold or italics for important concepts or keywords in a text, so the main gist can be appreciated at a glance. But the editor for ideas and support seems to not always work consistently, and sometimes does not format properly. Please accept my apologies since I did not emphasise main points to provide this enhancement.
    Unfortunately there is no way (on my screen at least), that I can go back and highlight pertinent main points.

    It is difficult to know if you read any of the text at all, or if you read some, or all.
    Nor is it clear whether you were motivated, interested, inspired by, or bored by the contents of the text.
    The suggestions were made, in the hope of putting functionality at the fingertips of WordPress users, by supplying these functions within this plugin.

    If you want to have further discussion about what is in the text, then I guess that it would probably require the text to be read. And when you write a reply, I hope I will take the time to read it, and also reply if needed, as we may.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.
    Best regards.

    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    @ mksnmks, I wanna help you. please explain your problem with 3-5 sentences.

    Hi Emre Vona (@emrevona),

    This topic was submitted as “not a support question”.
    It is a feature suggestion for the feature as titled – “Ability to adjust browser cache settings”.

    That is the main concept, suggested in the hope of helping to improve the functionality of this plugin.
    Each detailed paragraph expanding on this concept, is 5 or less sentences long, so perhaps could be read in stages, if you wish.

    Thank you for your help.

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