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  • onurkml


    I mean, wordpress “post_meta” feature is a very nice and useful feature.

    But this has always made us think about projects with excessive data. Because it cost too many queries and extra lines in the database.

    I think this should be a feature now:

    “We should be able to add as many columns as we want in the wp_posts table.”

    Thus, the modifications we make will reach the front end in a single query and even the custom columns we add will be supported by the REST API.

    It’s so perfect when I think about it.

    In the simplest of all, if you are entering a content in more than one language, you can create fields for the languages ​​we want, such as post_title_en, post_title_de, post_title_ru, next to post_title, and this data is included in the object of that post.

    Thus, it will provide many advantages such as the number of queries, opening speed, convenience, and elimination of complexity.

    Moreover, imagine that you have created a blog with 10 thousands of articles and a “post_meta” for each language. It feels like that site won’t open 🙂

    But with the feature I recommend, we solve this too.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Adding random columns will inhibit WP’s ability to upgrade posts table in future releases. If you want custom columns for posts, add a custom table and join in the posts table through the post ID column.

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