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  • I do that is the event description section. Assuming you know how to write html code, it is no problem. If you don’t know html, copy and paste this where you want the attachment link to appear.

    <a href="{aa}" target="_new">{bb}</a> where {aa} is the COMPLETE path to the attachment and {bb} is what the page visitor sees when they are viewing your page.

    I’ve not tried attachments in other areas of an event, but I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work. My experience is that this is a very robust plugin so you should be okay.

    I know you can include attachments in the event description, but would be a nice feature to have where an attachment could actually be added to the event, so you can have one or more attachments with an icon to indicate there is an attachment(s) to the event.

    As you nay know, there is no section called ‘event. What part of the event creation do you wanting to add an attachment to; details, contact info, location details?

    When creating an event, you have the different sections you may fill out.

    You have the:

    Event day and time
    Event cost and tickets
    Organizer Contact Info
    Attachments <<– New section in the Add New Event form

    Why not have a section to add attachments. So you can add one or more attachments to the event. I could think of many reasons to have one… I could list a few and I am sure there are users of the “All-in-One Event Calendar” that could list a few as well…

    I see what you are talking about, but what’s the problem in adding the attachment in the Event Description section? It works and it displays. If you wanted to set the attachment off from the rest of the description content, that is easily done with html.

    I might not be grasping what you are talking about.. Can you do an example for me to view??

    No problem. Point your browser to <;, mouse over Activities / Events, select Calendar and navigate to January 2013. On the 11th, you will see one event – click on it. When the details display, scroll down to the last paragraph and you will see `this link‘ in red. Click it and the attachment will load.

    STOP THE PRESSES – I just checked the link and it throws an error because the event was last January and the reservation form has been deleted by Hilton, but you can get the idea.

    I see what you are talking about and I have done that.. but what if you have multiple attachments, say it is a fair, you might want to attached a discount ticket, a flier about the fair and maybe a registration if you wanted to have a booth. to many links to create in the description.. Hope you see where I am coming from on this one as well…

    I see you are located in Louisiana.. I am in New Orleans…

    I’m just outside Shreveport, a few miles east of Bossier City.

    To the attachments: you can include as many attachments (links) as your heart desires. There is no limit. You could have a link to your4 flyer and on it have links to the discount and the registration form, whatever you want.

    This is true but seems like a lot of links that would have to be created and also seems like this way would take the user away from your site instead of just a click and download…

    Rule 1: There ain’t no magic. ‘…just click and download…’ requires a link to be coded regardless of what you want to do. You can’t have 10 ‘…just click and download…’ with creating those links first. I don’t know what your background re: html coding is, but in creating a link, you can direct whether the link document opens in the same browser window or in a new window.

    I do agree with you and even though I might not be a great coder I feel I can do what you have mentioned above, BUT, I will be having individuals who are not to tech savvy adding events and that might present a problem…

    I solved that very real issue by not allowing anyone to add events to the calendar. If you go back to the website I sent you to yesterday and click on ‘Event Information Form’ under Activities / Events, you will see the form that the various chapter fill out and send to me. From that, I create the event.

    More work = less problems.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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