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Ability level needed for WordPress?

  • To fully utilize WordPress.org, say to recreate my fantasybaseball101.com, do I need programming skills? Web Design skills? Or is WordPress.org plug-and-play?

    I learned Yahoo’s Site Builder rather easily, but it is not much more complicated than Microsoft’s Power Point. I have no computer skills background so it was my speed.

    Being able only to boast Excel and Site Builder as my most impressive computer skills (ugh) is WordPress.org beyond my abilities?

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  • whooami



    do you have money? What you dont have in experience can be mitigated with greenbacks.

    I doubt I have enough money. How close can a novice get at recreating fantasybaseball101.com using WordPress?




    theres nothing all that fancy there, really. What you would probably have trouble with is moving from a table-based to a tableless layout. You can use tables with WP, but its rare to see it, and discouraged.

    About those greenbacks, you would be surprised how cheaply some ppl work.

    There is an admitted learning curve to WP — but its not impassable.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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