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    Hi, my question is about an abandoned theme by its owner who announced he’s not claiming any rights to it, nor is he supporting it anymore, and he’s not answering any questions. He wrote a message that he’s also saying goodbye to internets..
    Well, I like his theme and have been using it for a long time, I even hacked it completely giving it a makeover so much so it is unrecognizable on the surface, but the underlying code remains in more or less the same form.
    What I would like to do is to remove the theme header information in the code, since he’s no longer claiming any rights to it. I tried doing it and the whole blog went blank, so I had to restore it to original. I understand that it is a protection code to protect the copyrights, but in this case it is no longer necessary.
    Is there a way to do this, since I am not able to reach the code designer?


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  • I have no idea how to fix your problem, but I’m sure someone might ask to see the site if they’re going to be able to tell you how to fix it

    i’m curious to see the theme just to see the theme because I’m still looking at different ones, so if you wish to show it:)

    I know that some people will think I am trying to steal somebody’s theme, but this is not the case.
    You can find out the story behind the theme here:

    He says:

    This theme is dead to me. I no longer have the time or energy for it. Anyone is welcome to take it and make it their own. The copyright is no longer required, this is completely free and open source. If you post a link to your version, I will gladly post that for you. But again, do not ask for any support, as I will not provide it anymore. Thnka you

    Also if you read other blog posts, the author has been having some serious personal problems and is unreachable.

    So, is there a way to remove the header code? I’d like to be able to install it for my clients. Trust me, my version I am about to launch in a few days looks completely different sans the accordion feature.

    Do you mean the header code in the style.css file?

    Could you explain a little bit more? If it is the style.css file as alexmansfield suggests, then make sure you don’t break the formatting… it is used by WordPress.

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    The theme name is mentioned in functions.php

    Maybe doing a search & replace on that all theme files that contain “Isolated” in the code to replace with that the name of your new theme would do the job?

    Yes, it is the header in style.css- sorry for not being precise.
    I’ll try the functions.php, thanks numeeja.

    As eyko said, WordPress uses the header information in the style.css file, so you don’t want to just delete it. You can change the author, description, etc to reflect the fact that you’ve made the theme and based it off the old one. You just can’t delete the whole section.

    If you change the theme name, you’ll want to change any references to it in the functions.php file like numeeja mentioned.

    no, the problem is you can’t change anything in the header. When I tried doing it, the whole blog disappeared and I had no access to my dashboard.
    This is the problem, as if there is a code in the css header that doesn’t allow any changes- you can’t even change one letter. When you do, you get locked out of wordpress.

    I don’t understand why you can’t install it for your clients with the designer/ code creator’s information in the header anyways.

    I’m not a professional web designer myself, but I’ve seen the work of several designers (i.e. not coders) who buy premium themes (that require the names of the code creators to be left in them) and do the design work on top of the code and do not seem to have any issue with leaving the coder’s information in it.

    Are you able to charge more if it looks like you’ve done all the work yourself? What’s the benefit for you to removing the info?

    That’s strange. I just downloaded the theme and installed it locally to try to recreate your error. I deleted everything in the header except the theme name, which I also changed. I even tried renaming the style.css file to try to replicate your issue, but all it did was set turn on the default theme because it couldn’t find the one I edited. I’m not sure what to tell you, but I don’t think it has to do with the theme you downloaded.

    Helenspacegirl, no I am not charging more and pretending the code is mine.
    I don’t dispair over this problem, just thought I’d ask why this is happening.

    Alexmansfield- precisely- you are unable to use the theme when you change the header code, even one letter (try it and you will see).
    I would like to know how this is done- what is put in that header so that the theme becomes disfunctional??
    I want to learn to write my own wordpress themes, and in the future I would like to use this secret code to protect my theme as well.
    Does anyone know?

    I was trying to say that I changed all of it and it still worked. Here’s all I have in the header:

    Theme Name: New Name!

    and it’s still working fine. I’m not sure what’s causing the problem for you. You could try downloading his theme again and editing the CSS header. If it works, try replacing one file after another with your modified version. You then you should be able to isolate which file is causing the problem. Also. are you using an up to date version of WordPress?

    strange it worked for you but not me.
    I googled the problem and people say not to change theme files, but aren’t explaining why sometimes they become corrupted.
    I have WordPress 2.8, I’ll try doing a few things and will report back.

    I changed the stylesheet header information outside of WordPress before uploading the theme, and it worked.

    So problem solved.


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