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  • @buddypress cc: @boonebgorges + @djpaul

    Hey, guys;
    Apparently, @megainfo has abandoned this plug-in. Something like it would, however, be an essential functionality to have in BuddyPress. I personally have a hard time understanding why privacy options aren’t already part of the BP-platform; but that may be owed to the fact that I’m not working my proverbial behind off on it, acknowledged. πŸ™‚

    Hope dies last, tho’.
    So; is there perhaps any chance this might be adopted any time soon? Or anything comparable built in?

    Thank you for what insight you may be able to contribute on the issue.
    Cheers – LX

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  • Hi @elexem – I’m unavailable personally to adopt the plugin.

    I’d be happy to consider some of the features for BuddyPress itself, if someone were able to do the heavy lifting of extracting the code and preparing it for the more general BuddyPress environment.

    Alternatively, if the current plugin isn’t working anymore because of some recent changes in BP, I could probably find a bit of time to look into it, and propose either a fix for BP or a fix for the plugin.

    Hello there, @boonebgorges;
    thank you for getting back to me re this + the kind offer you’re making.
    Since I personally don’t have the level of competence to entrust said ‘heavy lifting’ to myself, I’d be thinking the second angle to appear more promising. If someone with your insight were to have a look into why / where this plugin is misbehaving
    and maybe giving a hint as to what to adjust
    that might already prove useful. I wouldn’t even know how to determine whether “the current plugin isn’t working anymore because of some recent changes in BP”. :/

    Speaking of potential findings I figure, since this plug-in hasn’t been updated in a while, it won’t hurt for admins using it to dive into the bowels and wrench in suggested changes by themselves, if they’re not overwhelmingly complex for mere mortals?

    How about you count the cups of coffees you kill while you look into this + I’ll cover them πŸ˜‰ to coax you in, heh πŸ™‚ A box of Oreos or 2 for thoughtful dipping on top if we end up with a viable fix? [ I’m not particularly affluent, otherwise I’d be putting something more akin to an actually substantial offer on the table – but I’m trying to sweeten the effort to the best of my abilities anyhow; perhaps there is some credit to be had for that. πŸ˜‰ ]

    Cheers – LX

    Maybe you could point me in the right direction by explaining to me how this plugin is intended to work, and the way in which it’s not working? I haven’t used it before.

    sure. πŸ™‚

      observable functionality:

    • On the front-end, the plugin adds a select as #whats-new-options under BuddyPress’ #whats-new-form’s #whats-new-textarea, which allows the user to select to whom the currently created post should become visible.
    • If so set in the plugin’s backend, the select remains visible under published activities, allowing each activity’s owner to change their mind later and set the select to a different option.
    • as far as was scrutable so far this does not only govern visibility on-site, but also flow into RSS outputs (which is one of my personal primary concerns).
      Both appear to be working as one would expect from the plugin’s self-description.
    • Its backend options page is actually quite well-thought out, too; it even recognizes other relevant 3rd party add-ons (at least I could see that happening for BuddyPress Follow, another nice addition (maintained by your BP-team-mates @apeatling and @r-a-y btw, afaik)).
      observable misconduct/s:
    • The most noticeable was that a selected option is not not properly reflected on the frontend after saving, even though the selected option appears to be heeded system-side. Example:
    • I wish to post a new status / activity, type something into the text box, then wish to make it available to Friends Only and pick the relevant option on the privacy select dropdown, then I hit ‘publish update’. The update is saved as expected
      the after-save representation of the select now says “Anyone” (I am unsure whether it just jumps back to some default or does something even quirkier (more below)).
    • Checking the activities’ feed RSS-output however gave me the impression that the item in question does not get served out (which is good, being the desired behaviour). I tested this 2 times + saved another public one after that, to give me a visual event bracketing the ealier updates.
    • Another notable occurence is that updates published earlier (before arrival of “BuddyPress Activity Privacy” are reflected as “Only Me” – which is clearly wrong, since there was no way to set that and b) other (dummy) users can still see those items.
      This is why my initial bet is on an issue with “only” outward representation of what still appears to be working under the hood.

    You can have a look at our prototypes’ activity page @ (which does look rather botchy yet, as I’m still pottering about quite a few odds and ends); I also suppose you’ll need a logon to actually see the privacy interface’s controls. Let me know if you get stuck somewhere signing up – it’s all still a bit wobbly.

    #hth; please let me know if I can help you with anything further from my end.
    Best – LX

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    Hi πŸ™‚

    Will he be reborn then?

    I hope πŸ˜‰

    I think this is a “must have” plugin if you use BuddyPress to have a minimun control of activity privacy. It works partially, so maybe it is possible to fix it. I guess some of the issues could be related to the fact the plugin doesn’t support Noveau templates at all.

    I hope there is a chance to update it.

    I as well really need this plugin to be updated and functional again. Has anyone made progress on this yet? @boonebgorges have you had a chance to work on this yet? I would be glad to team up with someone else to try to fix this plugin. It is working partially, so hopefully it wouldn’t be too hard to fix all the way and get back up to speed. If anyone wants to collaborate with me on this, let me know. My e-mail address is 1whitetiger AT gmail

    I’ve just spent a few minutes playing with the plugin to understand better what’s happening with it.

    I forked the plugin to and made a single change to ensure that the stream filtering is actually enabled. See for my current branch.

    Generally, I found that the plugin worked properly, as long as you’re using the BuddyPress Legacy template pack. If you use BuddyPress Nouveau, the posting experience is broken: visibility level is not saved during activity posting; the default dropdown is not swapped for the nicely styled custom interface on the What’s New panel, nor for newly posted activity items that are prepended to the stream via AJAX (they work properly after a page refresh). I spent a bit of time trying to make it work with Nouveau, and it’s possible, but it’s going to take a fair amount of retooling to make it fully compatible.

    Regarding the original bugs reported by @elexem , I was not able to reproduce them.

    1. The visibility selector in the activity stream reflects the correct value stored in the database. This is true both after a page refresh (where the entire page is built on the server) as well as immediately after an activity item is posted via AJAX. @elexem You did not mention whether there’s a distinction between the two in your own testing, though I’m guessing it’s only the latter that’s giving you trouble. In any case, it’s working properly for me.

    2. Activity items created before activating the plugin correctly have the ‘Anyone’ setting. There does appear to be a bug in that, if you globally disable the ‘Anyone’ setting, then the dropdown suggests that existing items have the ‘Logged In Users’ visibility setting; but this isn’t actually the case in the database, and the items aren’t protected in the activity stream as such. It could be that you’re seeing a version of this.

    If others are seeing similar problems, please share details, including information about the theme you’re using, and the BuddyPress template pack (Default vs Nouveau) you’ve selected.

    @boonebgorges thank you for keeping this conversation going, and for your help! I can’t reproduce the other issues that have been mentioned. The main 2 problems I see with it are this:

    1. When posting a new activity, the privacy setting does not take effect. Notice these 2 screenshots below. I set the privacy to “My Friends” but when I actually posted the activity, it saved as “Anyone” rather than the “My Friends” setting that I had selected.

    Notice how after it is posted, the privacy setting is still a drop down box, which if you change at that point, will work. Notice in the next 2 screenshots how, when I change the privacy to “My Friends” after it has been posted, that worked.

    When I refreshed the page, I can see that it saved it, but the dropdown went away, which leads me to problem #2.

    2. Posts that have already been posted are supposed to be editable with a drop down box (I think) to the original author, but this is not working, instead of being a drop down box, it just shows an arrow, which does nothing if you click on it, thus making it not editable. You can see this with the last screenshot I posted (above).

    By the way, I am using the BuddyBoss theme from

    I hope this helps. If these 2 issues could be solved, that would be a huge step in the right direction! Other than that it’s minor stuff, like how it would be nice to have the privacy drop down box next to the “Post Update” button instead of in the post text box. (see the first screenshot in this post for reference)

    Here, I uploaded a video of it too which might make more sense.

    Thanks for the details, @1whitetiger .

    I’m unable to debug BuddyBoss, as it is non-public and it makes some underlying architectural changes.

    That said, the issues you’ve described sound a bit like the limitations of integrating with Nouveau. I’ve just pushed up some very lousy but basically functional changes to the plugin that make it work (albeit in a clunky way) with Nouveau. Here’s the branch: You or others are welcome to give it a try to see whether it fixes your issues with BuddyBoss and other themes.

    @boonebgorges I gave it a spin and it’s a big improvement! Thanks so much!! πŸ™‚ The privacy setting on activity post now works great! So in my list of 2 complaints, you seem to have fixed complaint #1!

    Issue #2 is still there, however. So, I don’t know if you can do what you did for posting activities to editing the privacy after the post has been made.

    If you could, that would be sooo nice! πŸ˜€

    @1whitetiger – Thanks for confirming that the changes address your problems.

    I can’t reproduce your problem #2 in Nouveau, which suggests that it’s specific to the way that BuddyBoss renders the activity stream. Your best bet may be to reach out to their support team.

    @boonebgorges – Just wanted to add in my thanks for your help with this plug-in. Much appreciated! πŸ™‚

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