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  • Since this plugin seems to be abandoned by the author, it is only a matter of time before it creates a security issue or stops functioning with a future wordpress update. Has anyone found a suitable replacement?

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  • woops… Fatal error: Cannot redeclare quotescollection_rel_path() (previously declared in /wp-content/plugins/quotes-collection/quotes-collection.php:112) in /wp-content/plugins/quotes-collection-master/quotes-collection.php on line 112

    @starhorsepax2 Hmmm, that’s weird.

    The author might have to help you with that.

    What I would do firstly is deactivate the plugin in WordPress, and delete it. Then re-upload it and give it a try again.

    @srinig …just wondering if you’re any closer to getting the plugin back on with WordPress? Hope all is getting better for you!



    Does anyone know what the issue was?

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    @srinig thank you so much for updating your plugin on GitHub! I was receiving alerts from my hosting company threatening me to deactivate your great plugin. I’m glad I’m able to keep it as there are currently no other satisfying alternatives on the market to Quotes Collection. So thank you again.

    For those installing the gzip file of the updated plugin 2.5.3 alpha 1 (see the above steps kindly detailed by @lectrichead ) make sure to:

    #1. Export first all your quotes (there’s an export tab in the plugin, that creates a JSON export) before updating to the latest version of the plugin. Once you deactivate/delete the old version of the plugin your quotes will be gone. So save them first as you’ll be able to import them in version 2.5.3 alpha 1
    #2. Deactivate the older version of the plugin before installing the update or you might get a fatal error as I did:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare quotescollection_quote() (previously declared in /nas/content/live/your_site/wp-content/plugins/quotes-collection/quotes-collection.php:72) in /nas/content/live/your_site/wp-content/plugins/quotes-collection-master/quotes-collection.php on line 72

    #3. Import your quotes via the JSON file you saved, in the new version of the plugin. And you’re all set.

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    I would love to take advantage of the updated plugin, it’s one of the “greats”. But I don’t know how to take files off Github and assemble them to make a plugin. Github doesn’t seem to publish a “how to” page. Or if there is one, perhaps someone would be kind enough to give me the link. Thank you.

    Just wondering whether the collection of quotes that is exported as a JSON file has a default name… I exported and now I can no longer find the file ugh! Thanks for info

    ‘Pending review’ has now changed to ‘Security issue’. @srinig, any updates on your progress in getting the plugin back into the repository here?



    @tipunch, my export got quotes-collection-YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.json as default name.



    Thanks Foris : with your help I have located and securely saved my export of my collection of some 200+ quotes. Now wondering how I can import this into some sort of text file. Any ideas, on how to parse a .jason file ? Thanks again



    @tipunch My Excel is in Dutch, so I had to translate (I hope the translation is mostly correct), but here’s what I did:

    Excel => Data => Get data => From file => From Json
    => select file and click Import
    New window: File => Convert to table
    New window: click OK
    Click on the double arrows at Column 1
    Click on OK
    File => Close and load
    Remove the Query
    Convert the table to range: Table design => Convert to range (or select the whole table and click right mouse button => Convert to range)
    Save as => pick your preferred format from the list

    I hope this helps you.

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    @srinig The Plugin has been given a security warning by WordPress:

    “This plugin has been closed as of October 13, 2021 and is not available for download. Reason: Security Issue.”

    Maybe the security issue would be solved if you’d change the link to the plugin. Right now it points to your (temporarily non-existing) website, but you could have it point to your page at GitHub (and add a link to your website there, once your website is up and running again).

    I hope this help a little, and I hope you can find some time to update the plugin, so all warnings can be removed.

    Thank you so much for updating the plugin @srinig!!


    thanks for your great Plugin. I’m still using it and it works great! For me, there’s only 1 Feature missing. Is it possible to add a rating function for the single quotes?

    I tried in in combination with some rating plugins but the quotes won’t allow shortcodes or html.

    Would be awesome!


    Please do note that there is a security issue for this plugin. The issue is documented at the GitHub repository.

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