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  • I have moved my wordpress install and its been working fine, but today I uploaded the backupwordpress plugin and it keeps saying my location for backup is invalid since its not the root path for wordpress. What it lists as valid is my OLD install directory.

    Where is it getting this from??!! I’ve replaced all my php files in an upgrade and checked the rest. I’ve also looked in my database but cannot find it. So where is it? where where WHERE????!!!!

    Thanks :p

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  • Bumpy.

    Someone must know…

    is the
    WordPress address (URL):
    Blog address (URL):
    in tne general options are the same in your blog settings?

    Yes, the addresses in settings are correct, and the old address does not appear.
    Also I have exported the database as an xml file and done “find” for the old address, and no part of it is in the database.
    This is why I have no idea where this plugin is getting the old address 🙁




    you need to be looking at the plugin file itself ..debug whats in the file, with what you see in your output.

    Ok I’ll try look through all the files in the plugin (there are a lot) and php is not my forte.

    I thought if I could find out where it was stored in WP it might be quicker, but since I seem to have checked everywhere, the only thing left is as you say.


    I am not sure at all that this is the plugin’d problem (although I might be wrong of course)
    By what I understood, the plugin was installed AFTER the moving. so why would it read the OLD address if it is no where to be found in the settings ??

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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