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  • I’ve discovered a peculiar conflict between AskApache Password Protect and Better WordPress Security. Here’s what I found and here’s the workaround I’ve discovered.

    The BWPS plugin has a file checker function that can apparently create severe load problems on systems with limited memory allotments (shared hosting, mostly). After a while, it can create a condition where you can no longer access the site without getting a 500 Internal Server Error. (This has now happened to me three times with two different WP sites.)

    If you disable the plugin by deleting the plugin folder or changing its name, this stops the file checker and generally allows you to get back in. However, if you then try to access AA PassPro settings, you get a blank white screen with the message “edit_files cap required.” Even if you completely uninstall and reinstall AA PassPro, the error persists.

    What I discovered is that the way to get around that is as follows:

    1. Go to the Better WordPress Security options menu and disable file checking.
    2. Log out of your website.
    3. Access your site via FTP and download the wp-config.php file from the root director of your WordPress install.
    4. Open that file in a text editor or HTML editor.
    5. Look for lines of code (probably near the very top) that look like either or both of the following:
      define( 'BWPS_FILECHECK', true );
      define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );
    6. Comment out those lines. (Adding two forward slashes in front of each line should do it.)
    7. Upload the modified file via FTP and replace the live wp-config.php file.
    8. Log back into your site.
    9. Check AA PassPro settings. The error message will probably be gone.

    I’m not sure why the presence of the BWPS_FILECHECK in wp-config causes AA PassPro to return the “edit_files cap required” error, but following the above steps appears to get around it so you can once again get at AA PassPro’s settings menu.

    Maybe the developer can give us a more authoritative answer for how to avoid this conflict, but in the meantime I thought I would share this for the benefit of others who’ve had this issue.

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  • Thanks for sharing.

    I am a BWS user too. But I am using BulletProof Security instead of AA PassPro and they haven’t conflicted with each other so far.

    BulletProof Security does some htaccess protection for the wp-admin folder but does not password protect it as AA PassPro does.

    Plugin Author askapache


    Thanks for reporting this in such detail. I will fix this in the next version, among other minor bug fixes. This is my fault.

    Stay tuned!

    Plugin Author askapache


    Look for an update within 2 weeks.

    I too am using Better WP Security, and am therefore eagerly awaiting the update. Thanks, AskApache!

    Plugin Author askapache



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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