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  • I’m hoping and planning on releasing my version of the Andreas08 theme, but I want to make sure things look atleast the same in both browsers first.

    Also, I’d like any feedback and or suggestions for it, before the possible release..thanks in advance! And Kate, if you can, maybe help me with the support issues when and if I release this…thanks. =) Because my court hearing is this Friday, and if they put me in Jail, I might not have access to the net lol!!


    Everyone, let me know of any bugs and stuff in both browsers, I did my best to have them appear in both browsers, and to get them to validate properly..

    Also, this installs just wonderfully…except for two vaildation errors….which I had because the Archives block… the li’s weren’t listed so I removed the block, from the location of the install. And the other was because I had the link for the “blog title” wrong, but fixed that as well!….

    Of course, the color scheme can be changed at any time as well. It’s up to you then..

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  • Alrighty then!!… :/


    Maybe I won’t release it anyways, too much TIME and HELP from others have gone into this one…

    looks pretty cool, I especially like the horizontal menu bar, quite nice!! 🙂 how about releasing it?

    amit, thanks for your reply. =) I just might..I’m still debating though. I posted this like 12 hours ago: (Topic started 12 hours ago) and still didn’t get any replies to it, until you replied.

    So my guess is, “they” don’t want to bothered with it. =( If you’d like a copy, I can send you one. =) Just give me an email addy or hit me up on a messenger.

    Yahoo: twistedsociety666
    AIM: datrueplaya04


    Much thanks goes to these ppl for their time and help! And a better credit’s page will be made eventually..

    Brett, Matt, another Matt, Ainslie, Andreas, Will, Katie1 (kate) from here, Cissi, Andy, Crash, Scotty, Gamerz, blacksnday from and some others…..That helped me extensively with my A08 theme.. =) Links to their site’s will be added soon..


    Just gotta get that theme tweaked for my liking, and use it first. I know ppl are thinking….WTF? Why not just use what I have made already…but that color setup wasn’t in my mind originally. It was just a reference blog to see what’s “OFF” or not in both browsers..thanks for the time..

    Also! This theme should work in all various versions of WP. It works just wonderfully on 1.5.2 and version 2.0 and should work just fine on 2.0.1. =)

    is this theme stable? if yes, then I’d sure like to have it!! 🙂

    Amit, as far as I know it’s stable. =) The install of it goes just wonderfully, when validating it, it spits out one or two errors…..and I fixed the one. The other one is because I have the one Archive plugin installed….and in the sidebar, when you remove the Archives block….like this below: It passes sweetly..! As well as the css validation.. =)

    <!--start menu-->
    <ul class="menublock">

    <?php wp_get_archives(‘type=monthly’); ?>

    </ul><!--close menu-->


    the reason I got that validation error is also because there was no

    <li> and closing </li>
    around the call tag, but for some odd reason, when I do ADD them, it shifts it downwards more then the others. As you can see in the sidebar now..

    Oh Jesus! Just revalidated it, and it’s spitting out 3 errors.. Hold on a minute..I’ll try to get that corrected. :/ Once I get back online…I have to make some calls first.. =)


    spencerp, I’m not a validation nut, as long as it works & looks good in IE & FireFox(& Opera if possible), I don’t give a damn about validation!! 🙂

    I would love to see it out in the theme world too. 🙂 Also, it’d give me more to post about on

    so any thoughts about releasing it?

    Nice and clean, although I personally think it would look better with some more contrast to the color scheme but thats just me.

    Thanks for your replies everyone. =) I’m sorry I haven’t replied or kept this post updated lately..just had alot of stuff going on lately..and I’m still trying to figure out the following two issues with the theme. =( =/

    1) I have this Mind Boggling CSS error/problem..

    2) I need Theme testers/fixers for a couple display issues with the Mac O.S. /Safari browser..

    The help needed for the Mac and Safari browser, is really small issues I think, I have a few screen shots of the problems here

    It appears the search input field and button, is taking on it’s own “look” as you might say lol.. and there is a small little shift to the left, for the top background image behind the Post’s title and Date.. the bottom one seems fine to me though..

    Amit: spencerp, I’m not a validation nut, as long as it works & looks good in IE & FireFox(& Opera if possible), I don’t give a damn about validation!! 🙂

    Haha, as far as I know, it does work and look good in all three of those browsers, just like I said above though, it’s a little screwy in the Safari browser on a Mac, I could use some help from someone with a Mac and Safari browser to get out these qwerks.. =)

    phoenixd: I would love to see it out in the theme world too. 🙂 Also, it’d give me more to post about on

    Hehe, yeah..I was planning on releasing it eventually, just like I had posted above..I could use some help getting out these qwerks and stuff first.. =( I’m banging my head off the wall now, trying to figure out what could be causing that one CSS parse error ..sigh.

    The only thing is though..I most likely won’t be around to provide “support” for it per say..because I might be in jail for 90 days, later on this Month or starting of the next.. =(

    Amit: so any thoughts about releasing it?

    Amit, yup! Like I said already..I plain on it eventually lol.. Just gotta maybe get these qwerks out first though..

    Nnyan: Nice and clean, although I personally think it would look better with some more contrast to the color scheme but thats just me.

    Thanks for your thoughts, comments and suggestions.. =) Yeah, I know what ya mean about the contrast, I was trying to keep that in mind while doing the images up, but some how kinda got set back.. =(

    Really that was a quicky job, to get a basic display of how the blog will look or whatever.. I was also trying to keep it bland and yet, have some nice appeal to it, so it’s more easier to customize if need be.. =)

    I’m not the greatest person in the world for making up images for a theme and what not, especially while using Gimp lmao! But hopefully, if and when it’s released..someone can or could make up their own awesome imagery for it then.. =)


    Back on about those validation errors, I had fixed those XHMTL errors by just changing the date on the “default test post”…but besides that, I had the one Clean Archives plugin installed on it as well..which worked ok..

    The only errors I have now is that crappy CSS parse error, which is stumping me to heck lol.. Anyways, thanks again for your replies, opinions and suggestions.. =)

    I also just upgraded that blog3 to 2.0.2 works on version 1.5.2, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and EVEN 2.1alpha1 hehe..


    If anyone can help me with this theme for the Mac/ Safari issue or even the CSS issue, you can send me an email via my Contact page at the main blog or at my addy: psgif[at]hotmail[dot]com

    I’ll send ya the latest version of it, via email, so you can download it..[testing and fixing purposes only though lol!] Thanks.. =)

    I’m a Huge fan of this theme.

    Now that is a very attractive template… I’d use it! 😉

    Very nice theme indeed. A bit too dark for my taste, but thats adjustable.

    A couple of details. Maybe the searchbox should have a slightly different colour than the page buttons and be moved a bit to the right as to come in line with the sidebar.

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