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  • hi
    I think that WordPress lacks one thing. A WYSIWYG HTML Editor for creating new posts & editing old ones. It would be really great if a WYSIWYG HTML Editor can be integrated in WordPress.
    2 Free ones that I know would suit the purpose are htmlArea at and the 2nd one is SPAW Editor at
    The htmlArea is in just JavaScript & HTML while SPAW Editor is available in PHP & ASP.NET & can be customised quite a bit with the feature of Image Upload etc.
    Since these WYSIWYG HTML Editors work only in IE5+ on Windows(mostly though its rumoured that htmlArea Beta 3 can work in Mozilla too), there should ofcourse be an option to turn WYSIWYG HTML Editor on/off.
    I’ll be glad if someone can rig up a hack for this or if this is added in the upcoming version.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I don’t agree with what’s needed.
    A HTML editor builds pages.
    Wordpress builds the content of pages which for the most part are otherwise static.
    I’ve used many editors to run my page before I started using WP, and yet I ended up just using the same few features. Those features now form the quicktags. Given that if I particluarly want a set feature I can already create it either through use of CSS of tags, I can’t see the point of bloating the system with tools that would otherwise remain unused.

    A WYSIWYG editor is pointless due to the dynamic nature of the website. Sure, the layout is static (most of the time), but that can be changed via the CSS file, something I’m not sure any online html editor can do.

    Browser compatibility and webstandards are the main problems. I dont think matt will implement anything activeX here or any thing that breaks the forums…
    kiss is the mantra… 🙂

    I’m definetly FOR implementing a WYSIWYG html editor into WordPress.. AFAIK, HTMLarea does NOT use an ActiveX control.. I’m pretty sure it’s completely done with Javascript (I havent looked into this, so correct me if i am wrong), but Mozilla also has support for this through it’s midas controls.. Mozilla/Gecko support for this shows that this is not just something that microsoft does.. The decision was made by opera not to support it.. but that doesnt mean that the IE and Mozilla users out there cant benefit from this..
    The question is not how easy it is right now to format posts.. The question is, could it be made easier, and better looking, which IMHO, HTMLarea would do.
    And who knows.. maybe Matt would be kind enough to make HTMLarea output valid XHTML as well (right now, htmlarea doesnt really follow any coding guidelines..)

    There’s also the issue of semantics to deal with.
    I’d start with a version of Kevin Roth’s RTE, if I were going to go for a semantic rich-text editor. It’s not ActiveX, it works with IE and Mozilla yet degrades nicely for other browsers, and generally seems to produce good code.
    I’ve been working at trying to “semantify” it, actually. The default setup is WYSIATI for buttons unfortunately, but it looks as though it could be set up for at least some semantics without too much trouble. At the very least I’ve been able to make it produce A, P, EM, STRONG, the headers, and the lists. I’m not sure about CITE and BLOCKQUOTE yet; those are my next major projects. Excising FONT wasn’t too difficult, but I’ve thus far been stymied at my attempts to work with class and id attributes.

    Looks like STRONG wasn’t going as well as I’d thought, but thus far I’ve got the others working anyway. I’ll keep plugging away, though; with some more work, we may be able to get an editor that’s WYSIWYG but not WYSIATI.
    Anyone have any docs on ways to extend Midas? Unfortunately that may mean that some things would have to be Moz-specific for now, but it could be our best hope for the time being

    All that the WYSIWYG editors described do is pass button clicks into what otherwise would be hand coded HTML (or CSS, for that matter) in WordPress’ textareas and render it.

    I think we need to define WYSIWYG before we go any further. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. Meaning it does more than just pass HTML/CSS, it has to RENDER the HTML and CSS. No of course a way around that is to have a preview function, but that could lead to bloated files.
    Now, I am for an XHTML/JavaScript/CSS editor. For instance, an interface with drop down menus to insert quick code, going beyond the standard and


    Might help if I log in. The above poster is me.

    the latest htmlarea vesion works in moz/fb and IE (not opera) and is solely javascript. and once you integrate it into any cms/blog system you can say goodbye to xhtml compliance unless you switch off 90% of its features.

    the latest htmlarea vesion works in moz/fb

    it’s called Firefox! 😛
    And I agree, we shouldn’t break XHTML compliance.

    its called firesomething. something part is superficial…

    Yeah it really is called firesomething.
    Version 2.0 of this editor already has Mozilla support, already supports IE, and the author is working on XHTML compliance..
    Sounds a lot better than HTMLarea too 🙂 , and it’s GPl’d

    the question is.. should people unable to use smart tags allowed to have blogs? :p

    people have to be smart to have blogs?
    that is very bad point of view…
    blog is abt publishing and its the duty of blog makers to make it as simple as possible… 🙂

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