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  • Looking at your site, my major critique would be to reduce the number of times the word “insurance” is used.

    For all your insurance needs:
    Long-term Care
    Corporate plans
    Individual plans

    I agree about the ‘insurance’ thing too. Also in Firefox 1.0 the ‘Individual Health Insurance’ overlaps the grey seperator. Perhaps list them as NM above says but seperated by commas to save space?

    So far, thanks for the comments! I will be making TONS of changes in the days ahead. I am learning so fast it seems 😉 but still a long way to go to ever be of help to anyone else.

    Visually I think the site looks good except for the right links the sort of look out of place. Maybe they could become part of the site with a new background image etc..

    Yeah those bother me too. It was more a quick way to add those links without having to redesign the entire template, which quite frankly is too much for me now 😉 I am glad you think they suck too. Now I have to change them soon!

    The category link in each of the posts has a bullet infront of it. Don’t you think it would have been better if they were separated by commas instead.

    What about using the <!–more–> tag to shorten up the home page? There’s a lot of stuff to read through to get to all of the articles. I’ve always been the type to keep it short on the home page & link off to the full article that the reader is interested in. My site uses that. Take a look at for a couple of examples.

    wow that is a tag i have been looking for. Thanks!!!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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