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  • Just a note of some interest.
    A WordPress driven blog – Redesign ( ) – has made the Top 10 list for ‘Best Innovation’ at the Best Of the Blogs awards competition ( ). The competition is hosted by Germany’s international broadcaster – Deutsche Welle.
    Go visit the competition site, and – if you like their blog – give them your vote.
    Full disclosure: I am not associated with the blog, or the competition. I did nominate them, though. I just found their blog on the web.
    To me, this is one very simple use of a blog to accomplish a great feat. It involves the stakeholders of an institution in the redesign of their web portal.
    And, they are using WordPress!
    Edit: One thing I forgot to mention … I especially appreciate that the Cornell blog has not been ‘fancied’ up (style/theme/skin-wise), so to speak. Not that I don’t appreciate a beautiful style/skin. But, blogging is – after all – about ‘the words’, isn’t it? And WordPress makes initiation of the ‘writing’ and ‘conversation/feedback’ easier than any other.
    Cornell’s blog is all about the ‘converstations’ within the blog. And, WordPress offers such ease of operation that it is a natural choice for easy and simple implementation.

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  • well, no one has commented on it … but, i’d like to keep this thread alive … can anyone think of a ‘viral online campaign’ that might help them stay in the running for the award?
    it would be good for WordPress to have one of their blogs recognized for such an award – Best Innovation … although the award is for the application that it is implemented for, it does speak well of WordPress for ease of use. Especially since they are using – essentially – an out of the box install and style.
    just a thought.

    After third look, I kinda enjoy that whole content about redesigning Cornell’s identity. It really is an innovation.

    Thanks alphaoide! I hope the 100+ people that viewed this post … and all those that follow, will vote for the blog.
    And, if anyone wants to help … please consider a link on your site to the voting link above. They need every vote they can get.
    Plus, you’re helping to promote WordPress, too! ;o)
    Take care and thanks.

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