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  • Hello,

    W3 Total Cacheis really a great plugin, but I have one important wish for the Purge Policy option:

    I love the option to define additional pages to purge when a post is published or edited, because maybe you are using static pages with blog items and other stuff that has to be updated, too, when a new post is created.

    But: I donĀ“t like that all those pages (Front page, Blog feed, additional pages etc.) are also purged when someone comments one single post. This makes not much sense to me – I would like to have the choice WHICH pages shall be purged after a new comment.

    I create or edit a post: The Front Page, Post Page and Blog Feed shall be purged. Great!

    Someone comments a post: JUST this commented post shall be purged, nothing else. Just this post where someone has put a comment on.

    It would be cool if this purge option is splitted into

    “Specify the pages and feeds to purge when posts are created or edited”


    “Specify the pages and feeds to purge when comments are posted”.

    Is that possible?


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  • Agreed. With thousands of posts and thousands of comments per day, I don’t want my front page purged every time a comment is posted. I *do* want it purged when I post new content or edit posts.

    Please break these options down into separate choices as suggested above.

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