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  • Hi,

    I explain a little.

    W4pl loads “tinymce.min.js” even in front end.

    On mobile devices with screenwidth 360 or less (regardless to hight definition) tinymce during load resizes the window (for example on Samsung G7 – w = 360 h = 640 it is resized to w = 677 h = 1054 – these value are those returned by device with chrome browser for “innerHTML” ; Then tinymce sets window.width = window.innerHTML.width versus for height)

    Then all css queries and my theme script are lost and I am unable to display W4pl list on these devices.

    Why :

    • tinymce is needed to be load in front-end
    • tinymce resizes the window without care of other softs running, which uses basically the only valid and commonly usable width and height for reference configurations. innerHTML being used to change css values and fit with current size particularly when it is reduced by a onresize… for example nothing to do with a full change for W4pl display in front-end which I manage for all display using : css queries and js script of the theme





    This will close this question which has remained without external answer.

    The problem was coming from the default “viewport” options calculated by the dom processor and not defined into the main <meta viewport…>

    When some options are not defined any script or architecture of html elements will be taken in account by the internal DOM process and missing default values for viewport parameters will be calculated. The result can be erratic. In the present case if tinymce.js was loaded we were getting a resize of viewport and a scale with arbitrary values.

    In this case with W4pl the viewport was automatically resized on the smartphones (no effect on PC).
    I have needed to add to w4pl elements a js script (run into event pageload, which changes values for viewport and css elements to fit correctly w4pl list on smartphones and tablets).

    Best regards


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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