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  • Hi there,

    First at all, I am not programmer. This is my first approach to a Web programming. I intended just to have a Blog, but the project was growing in my mind. I inserted a Forum (BBpress from WordPress), after that I created a HTML page as a home page, and several more pages around.
    The site is intended to help sellers in eBay Spain (which has been always selling in a traditional way) to introduce themselves to the ecommerce by explaining how to sell in eBay, or outside it, how to use a Blogs, Social Networks, twitter etc; for selling purposes online.
    The site is in Spanish and do not think in the future will have another language.

    The Blog is not in a root directory, while the home page (Portada in Spanish) is the root, so in order to link from the Blog to an external page HTML (in a parent directory) and the forums (at the same level or brother directory) I had to figure out how to do it. Don’t ask me how I did it, I do not know even what is PHP, CSS or HTML about. If it work it is fine for me.


    — The navigation became too slow
    — The HTML home page can’t be edited easily, just by coding HTML
    — I do not know how to change the header among the pages of the Blog, so you may notice that the Forums and the Home page have their own header, stating what is about, but Shop page says Blog (because is a Blog page.
    — I am not happy with the submenu layout, but not idea how to make it better.

    Since I am an eBay employee I expect really nasty comments and behaviour from the clients that may come to my site, so please go ahead and tell me everything that you do not like or you may think could be better (If you give me a solution is great , if not I will figure out an excuse). But I would like you guys be as critic as possible. All critics are welcome but specially does ones that focused on code optimization will be appreciate.

    The site is this:

    Severus online Club



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  • @mercime


    Volunteer Moderator

    Wow! I was expecting the worst based on your post above and was surprised and pleased that your theme integration with HTML, WP and bbPress is almost seamless. Clean and nice.

    The blog area did take some time to load. What you might also look to do is validate your HTML markup of your themes– index.html, WP, and bbPress

    Good job!

    Hi Mercime,

    Thanks a lot for your compliment.

    I did not know about that validation exist. I submitted the site and I have got 187 errors and 130 warnings! 😀

    I think I will be busy for a while… but I think it worth.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    I dont think you should be too concerned with those errors. Try to reduce them but making them 0 is impossible. The Strict HTML which conforms to XML standards is difficult to write using perfect <> closures

    I have TWO questions more:

  • Is it possible to change this site from WordPress to WordPress MU? I am interested in developing a multi-blog platform. Is it too difficult? My site is brand new, so I do not have content to loose, but since I adapted a BBpress to the site I would not like to start it from the beginning again.
  • Does anybody knows a way to avoid free registration? I would like that the admin decide manually who could be registered, in another words the admin receive an email and he has to confirm or not the admittance
  • vaibhavkanwal

    Thank you for the advice because actually it seems to be impossible since most of the errors are in the pieces of code of Google adwords and some affiliate programs codes which I should not change.

Hi there,

— I use Firefox as Web browser, therefore I did not realize the site has problem with Internet Explorer (All the tables are broken and some menu Items are not shown).

— I have also an issue with the URL since Google analytics shows very different visits results for and (without www). I have tried the 301 redirection but it did not work or I did not know how to implement it. (My server has the rewrite apache on)

Does anybody know where or how to fix it?
Is there a programmer here around that could help me with these matters? Off course I will pay for it.



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