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  • Hello,

    I’m working on a wordpress site, my goal is to show/embed a timetable on a page, preferably from a fixed location (e.g.

    I have tried this with office web apps, and that sometimes worked (only with excel files, the word web app just showed a download icon), but the problem is that you can’t get it to read from a fixed path, and you also get the whole excel tool in the page, what i would like to do is a lot simpler, though not easier: get the page to just show the content of a word file (maybe there is something like an automatic docx to html converter?), and be able to change the source file to a newer version and get that automatically converted, embedded in the page (there are going to be revised versions of the timetable). I’ve tried some plugins, the problem with that was they didn’t show the colors i used in the table, or weren’t able to load the file from a fixed path.

    I’ve searched and searched but this is just too specific to get anything on google 😛

    Any ideas? It would be much appreciated!

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