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  1. BetaCandy
    Posted 6 years ago #

    In WP's control panel, you have two options for comment moderation:

    • An administrator must always approve the comment
    • Comment author must have a previously approved comment

    On a busy site, moderating every comment is daunting and time-consuming. But trolls and spammers often leave one nice, thoughtful-sounding comment to get in the door, then - if you have checked the second option - they have free range to leave all sorts of crud all over your blog before you can delete it all.

    What I would love is a third option: "Comment author must have 10 previously approved comments" where you can set the "10" to whatever number you feel is appropriate. I think within 10 comments - maybe fewer - you have a sense of whether a commenter is bad news.

    Is there any plugin or option or even core file edit that would enable me to set up something like this?

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