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  • Hi,

    I’m using WordPress as a listserv news aggregator…Emails are sent to various lists and their recipients and simultaneously posted by email to WordPress using the Postie Plugin, from there different categories are fed back via RSS to news feeds on individual webpages.

    Anyway, because of the listserv client I’m using, I have no way of filtering duplicate emails across lists, so I’ve been forced to create a master list of recipients from the various listservs. So naturally this master list should post to all categories, since each represents a different list that I’m archiving messages for on WordPress.

    Is there a way to associate a user/author with more than one category? I’ve seen a few hacks and plugins that allow you to assign a different default category, but I want to assign a user to multiple categories automatically. Currently the posts from this list/author post as you’d expect, as uncategorized.

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  • I am new to this plugin, but just a thought:

    This is from plugin FAQs:

    Can I select tags or categories based on the content of the e-mail?
    Yes. You can create your own function, and use the postie_post filter. See the filterPostie.php.sample file for examples.

    Since you already have that emails master list, perhaps you can simply create specific signatures for each email, which will then become “the content of the e-mail” (if not stripped). Inside signatures, you can then input codes for categories for Postie to “recognize” as “custom function”, filter accordingly and post.

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