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    I have a certain blog in mind, for which I had an idea… I wonder if you would know if there’s a way to make that idea a reality ?
    Let’s call it, netflixing wordpress.

    Honestly: I think it’s NOT possible, and I already googled around the idea for a while.
    But I’m asking just in case, maybe I’m wrong 🙂

    Here’s the idea:

    – Let’s take a wordpres blog with a traditional template.
    That blog loads an index page listing the latest x posts, and we can click for a “page 2” with the next x posts, “page 3” with the next x posts, and so on.

    – The template of this blog loads everything of the posts as far as the <--!more--> post html

    … so far nothing new…

    – But we want to add another option of presentation for the blog, a magazine-based presentation with ONLY the title and the post’s cropped small version of its featured image.
    Or maybe even less, just the thumbnail image.

    – This new presentation idea is NOT a new theme brought by a theme switcher (I know of these).
    It doesn’t replace everything just the home and index (page 2, page 3…) pages .
    And not all the time.
    Let us imagine this is opened with a big link at the bottom of the blog’s header: “QUICK NAVIGATION”, why not.

    – This magazine-based presentation would load, say, 20 post’s links and their thumbnailed image (maybe, or maybe not, their post too), before showing links to a page 2. If we click this “page 2”, we stay in the magazine-based presentation, and the blog loads once again only the titles and thumbnails. And so on.

    Compare it to switching from reading a newspaper to browsing the list of series on Netflix. We grasp the totality of the offer incredibly faster.

    – When the visitors click to open a post, they are back to the normal blog’s template. The magazine-based presentation will not be loaded unless the visitor clicks, again, the big header link from an index page.

    Do you see the idea ?

    The way I view it, it would allow visitors to very-quickly browse a blog, something they can’t do with a traditional presentation.
    Without forcing the admin to give up on the traditional presentation that he likes, in which visitors can read an introduction before deciding whether they want to read the whole post, or not.

    I searched, and searched, and searched, and I don’t think this is something wordpress would allow.
    But, hey, maybe I’m wrong, and a miraculous php trick or plugin exists for this.
    Thank you very much if you tolerated my wall of text, and would have an idea to get it done 🙂

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