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  • Hi, I’d really appreciate some feedback on this project.

    1) I’m not finnished.. need to add footer with copyrights etc.
    ( Earlier I recieved a comment that I had “stolen” the header, images including screenshots from the game etc will ofc be copyrighted to blizzard ^^)

    2) I’m having major problems with css for ie7 since im running ie8… I cant seem to get two stylesheets (conditional tags) to work!

    3) I’m on a laptop and I’ve looked at the site on one other pc, and it was really really dark.
    Any comments on that, how do you experience it?

    And what do you think about the forum layout?

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  • sorry ment to post this in the feedback part of forum 🙂

    anyone? 🙂

    Yes poena i want to help you 🙂 . Try getting some customized CSS templates here : .Dont worry that site is free for downloading files .
    I too had the same problem, but then i changed them with few scripts.

    No thanks 😉

    I believe I have fixed the problems with ie7 and 1024 width.. its a pain to test when running ie8 on a widescreen laptop >.<
    Some margin problems with ie6 remains =/

    Now I’d really appreciate some real feedback =) (no advertising please).

    If anyone is familiar with wow, what do you think of the functions of the page, anything else you can think of adding except raid signups and gallery?
    (I’m going to link the dkp list to the armory so that’s kind of a roster)



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    sorry ment to post this in the feedback part of forum 🙂

    It’s okay. This is the section where you “strut” your WordPress install. Feedback section is more on WP stuff.

    – The background image/s does take some time to load.
    – Thumbs up for keeping the theme consistent through main page to forums. – 404 page on “Links” menu link.
    – As an aside, if you can, make the “Magic Server” image clickable to home page – it’s normal instance for visitors to click on logo to get to home page even when there’s a home page link in navigation.
    – You might consider adding a sidebar to post pages to add other information for you site as your membership grows.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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