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  • Hi,

    I am looking for a nice voting widget to use on my education blog. I have used wp-polls in the past and was wondering if there are any alternatives?

    I like the look of the polls on this blog. Granted, the blog isnt powered by wordpress, therefore I cannot incorporate it into my blog..its half way down the page.

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  • There’s Democracy 2,

    Democracy 2 allows only one active poll at a time, and AFAIK it does not provide poll scheduling. It allows one to disable IP-logging, though.

    Does wp-polls support several simultaneously active polls?

    What kind of privacy features does wp-polls have? Does it allow me do disable ip-logging? Does it store answers in cookies?

    And finally, if wp-polls has privacy features and multi-poll-functionality, then has anybody ever tried to import polls from Democracy 2 to wp-polls?


    Thanks for your reply, the democracy plugin seems to work really well, can it be implemented into the sidebar?

    The one thing I have noticed about the democracy polls widget is that you can vote an unlimited amount of times. The wp-polls widget must store a cookie on the computer stopping people from having multiple votes, and yes it tracks ip too.

    LostInNetwork: WP-Polls
    -> Multiple polls -> Yes
    -> Piracy feature like?
    -> I do not think there is an importer. lol

    “can it be implemented into the sidebar?”

    I thought I read where it could…

    I found this one for you but not sure if you’ve tried it yet. It’s made just for the sidebar 🙂

    You can use php code to place it in the sidebar or use widgets

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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