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  • I was immediately drawn to the style and functionality of this theme the first time I saw it — so much so that I decided to try using it for a new site for the customer even though the theme is quite new, which can be risky.

    At first, both I and the customer were delighted with the results, and, as others have noted, the theme author is to be commended for being so responsive (no pun intended) to feedback.

    But as I have worked with the theme more and built out more of the site, I’m a little concerned that I may have pulled the trigger on using this theme for a billable project so soon. I have run into some bugs that have required me to re-build a page to workaround them — which can be a little annoying, but not necessarily “deal killers”. More concerning is that the latest version (v2.6.1 that I installed to eliminate one of those moderately annoying bugs) introduced a couple of not-seen-before side effects related to the slider functionality, which is so central to the appeal of this theme. (I just saw a response come in from another user suggesting a workaround procedure, which I haven’t tested yet.)

    In any case, I’m no theme developer, but to me, a decidedly EX-programmer (and I do mean “EX”, as in decades ago) this kind of behavior in a new release suggests that the theme has a way to go before it could be called “solid and stable”.

    But I haven’t “given up” on this theme. Based on how quickly the author is turning over new releases, I’m hopeful that this sort of instability gets ironed out soon, and that I won’t have to transition the new site I’m working on to another one. And I am truly hopeful that I can revise my rating upwards to 4- or 5-stars!

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  • Theme Author Nicolas


    Hi Linkomatic and thanks for this very nice and detailled review.

    Some of your feedbacks have already been included in the code. This is great!

    I do my best to answer and consider all requests in the forum but I have to prioritize since I am lucky to have a fast growing community of users all around the world for the Customizr.

    Thank you for beeing so active in the continual improvement process of this free theme.

    Hi nikeo and linkomatic i loved your thread that why i joined, am new to WordPress and little knowledge of programming language but so much love this theme, i must say nice work nikeo… i heard you mention something about a new release…. also i just wanted to know what the dimension of image for the slider and can image be used for used for the featured page (menus). I look forward to your reply sir(S). thanks

    Theme Author Nicolas


    Hi mocyko,
    Those questions have been addressed several times in the support forum.
    You should be able to easily find answers to your questions there :

    Hope this helps and thanks for your comment!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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