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  • Since this plugin was not updated for several years now,
    first of all, yes it does still work
    but you have to go to you mobile-detect.php file inside the mobble plugin folder
    and replace the old 2.7.6 version with the new one 2.8.12 which has many important updates
    which you get from the github project

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  • Thank you!
    Other part of the plugin also available from Github?

    all other parts are basic wordpress functionality so there is nothing to it

    and no there is no update there as far as i can see

    Plugin Author Scott (@scottsweb)


    Thanks for sharing this. I have been updating this library more regularly on GitHub ( and experimenting with other tweaks too. A few bug reports have stopped me from deploying the latest versions here and I do not have the time to test all the devices mobble checks for.

    Please report any issues or lack of issues. If things are looking good with the latest release of mobile detect I can push the update for everyone.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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