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  • Dear friends. i am not a Pro, but kno about p and websites.
    I did my best to give search for several days now with no luck so daring to ask for help here.
    I will state in points so that its easily understandable.

    1) how to make any custom texonomy make required(medatory to use)
    2) how can i make a feature for front end users. that they can brose site on Country or cities based and then in every city or country user is they see the home page.

    like if a user ant to post or find ads in Europe > Germany he/she select the location and the go to the default home page. and that home page with all features shoul dbe for every other location. and ofocurse categories and subcategories ill be among th efeatures.

    example is something like craglist or

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  • opps type. missed W on few places.

    in addition to the above post , Plugins based help will rock since i am not a pro, but if the nicely step by step guide is provide i can play with template too.

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