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  • This is a good start, even though some much needed things are missing to make this a really a 10 out of 5 stars (if that makes sense!!!).

    1. Color picker,
    2. File picker (for images for example),
    3. Export all the resulting code for all or some of the blocks created with this plugin, so the blocks can be inserted in a theme or plugin for a new website without the need to recreate everything for each site, and without having to resort to export/import. In other words generate the php, js, etc… code just like ACF (Advance Custom Fields) does, so plugin and theme developers can utilize the blocks within their products easily.

    If shortcodes are eventually going away (so as widgets and custom fields btw…), and we are stuck with the blocks disaster, this would be a great help to somewhat easily convert the shortcodes to blocks. If Automattic had any concerns not to alienate developers like me, and make the Gutenberg’s adoption more acceptable, they should had included a tool to convert all the existing shortcodes to blocks, or at the very leasy descent documentation for people who don’t know 30 dozens JavaScript libraries! I hope that this plugin will eventually fill that gap and find a way to help out the developers who are only used to making shortcodes using php, html and CSS.

    Thanks a million for this what it seems a very promising step to solve the blocks creation problem.

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  • Plugin Author rheinardkorf


    @nick6352683 thank you very much for your review.

    Your feedback is tremendously helpful and covers many of the concerns we’ve already started considering too! In fact, you might say you are in our headspace. Check out our issues queue to see what is coming up:

    There are some milestones assigned too so will give you an idea of where we are heading.

    Plugin Contributor Luke Carbis


    Hi @nick6352683. Thanks for the great review. We’ve actually renamed the plugin to Block Lab, and we’ll continue development there. So please install our newest version (bunch of new features!), and if you could, please leave a review on that plugin as well. 🙂

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