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  • Honestly, I can not tell you if it even works.

    What I can tell you is that if you want a product that constantly places new banners at the top of your admin page, this may be for you!

    If you want Yoast product advertisements force fed to you, this is definitely the plugin for you!

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  • But it works great for its intended purpose.

    And it’s free. The trade off in getting something for free is seeing some promotional messages for their paid add-ons and pro versions. This is common practice with free plugins because the only way companies can support products used on one million plus websites is to charge for some services.

    I’m sure they’d be happy if you’d come by and paint their house for free and then take their complaints if you wanted to give them a brochure on additional painting options.

    We are aware that the reason you offer the freebie version in the first place is to persuade people it’s a good product and to use your product rather than someone else’s. And those of us who are successful at what we’re doing will upgrade one day because we’ll need to. (Those of us who aren’t never will whether your intrusive ads are there or not.)

    So ….. as it’s your free customers who do that upgrading, don’t you think you’d get more upgrades and faster if you didn’t irritate the living daylights out of them first?

    For example – I wanted to use SumoMe because of the supposed many features (and everyone raved about how well it works.) I deleted it just because the damned advertising drove me INSANE.

    Seems to me happy customers (even freebie ones) are always better – and better advertising – than disgruntled ones. Just a thought.

    And now I’m going to compare your support response to your freebie customers to that offered by All in One SEO. Then I’ll go with the one that offers the best support. You see…. it really doesn’t matter to me how good a product is – if I can’t use it because I can’t get past a problem.

    PS. I only read bad reviews….
    To see what problems I might expect … AND how you attend to them.


    ……Perhaps you should go read the bad reviews on All in One SEO?

    Plugin Support benvaassen


    Hi @andalusianworld,

    We’ve added functionality to disable entire parts of the plugin, to allow you to use only what you need. Notifications and tools can be toggled on and off to your liking.

    We’ve made a lot of changes to Yoast SEO and would like to invite you to give the plugin a new try if you stopped using it.

    We’d love to know your thoughts! Thanks.

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