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  • I’m getting a variety of page faults for which I do not have an explanation.

    The 404s are from a messed up URL about which I have made a separate inquiry here.

    I do not understand the 302 faults. I have moved my site, but that was taken care of by someone else, so I don’t know what he may have done to cause these.

    302 Moved temporarily (redirect) 7900 40.2 % 4.69 MB
    404 Document Not Found 7564 38.5 % 185.66 MB
    206 Partial Content 2632 13.4 % 78.84 MB

    The 206 faults I do not understand at all.

    I looked up these faults in the Apache list of error codes, but sadly, I’m not smart enough to figure out what they mean, except for the 404, which is fairly obvious.

    FYI these are for the month of August from my Hostmonster logs.

    Any ideas?

    Jan Messersmith

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