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  • In the last few months, it seems like my WordPress install gets weirder and weirder, after not ever having any problems for years.

    1. When I add a new draft from the Dashboard via QuickPress, it no longer just automatically updates into my list of drafts. The title just stays in the title box and I have to reload the dashboard to see it below.

    2. I just switched hosts and now when I insert a new image into a post, go to the right of the image and hit “enter” so I can type below it, I don’t see the cursor move, but in HTML mode I see a bunch of ” ” show up for all the times I hit enter. So I basically have to go into HTML mode to get the text to show up under the image.

    3. I started getting the dreaded HTTP message last night with a 5mb image file. Once I created a small version, that worked.

    Any ideas? Last night I deleted my WP-admin and Wp-Include files and copied fresh ones, and it didn’t help anything.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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