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    In “Settings for database backup”, I checked all of “Tables to backup”, but a value of “wp_users” is empty.
    I also open the output(sql file) in text editor, “wp_users” is empty.

    On the other hand, the database which exported from a server(lolipop in Japan) in phpMyAdmin contains a value of “wp_users” properly.

    What should I do?
    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    how many user in ?

    It’s only one user.

    (In environment of [WordPress version 3.9.1][BackWPup version 3.1.2])

    The same problem has been confirmed not only the “lollipop! rental server”, In other rental server.

    The confirmation by “lollipop!”, The following was found.

    ◆When users of one
    Only table structure is backed up for the “wp_users”, its contents are not included in the backup of the database.

    ◆When users of multiple
    Users who have been added to the end is not included in the backup.


    [WordPress version 3.9.1][BackWPup version 3.1.2]にて




    There seems to be the case which a problem does not happen.

    wp-content/plugins/backwpup/inc/class-mysqldump.php at line:152 use

    The number of rows. Some storage engines, such as MyISAM, store the exact count. For other storage engines, such as InnoDB, this value is an approximation, and may vary from the actual value by as much as 40 to 50%. In such cases, use SELECT COUNT(*) to obtain an accurate count.

    The Rows value is NULL for tables in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database.

    If use InnoDB , may be not backed up wp_users.

    Thank you, rhykw.
    I checked it in phpMyAdmin and it was InnoDB.

    Does it mean that I cannot use backWPup?

    If “wp_users” is empty, it is awkward that I cannot log in to WordPress after recovery.

    Hi, Daniel

    Is this right that backWPup does not support InnoDB now. Therefore it is necessary to use other plugin supporting InnoDB about the database backup for the moment.

    And I’d like to know whether backWPup has the plan that will support InnoDB in the future.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    Hello i have solved that in the beta
    Thanks for the hint.

    Hi, Daniel

    I tried it and the value of wp_users was included properly.
    Thank you!

    Hi, Daniel
    Though I checked [resolved], I am sorry.
    About the beta, the hierarchy of the folder seems to be strange if I defrost .tar.gz file of the file backup.

    There is no “wp_includes” folder.
    A folder of the dozen including some plugins(contact-form-7,nextgen-gallery,etc) is made at the hierarchy same as “wp_admin” and “wp_content”.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    Please open a new thread.
    Did you have special wp_content_dir set ?

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