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  • Hey Folks,

    I’ve posted a few times before but I need some help. Right now I am in the midst of designing a portfolio site for an interior designer. The design is not the problem, but the systems behind it are a little hard for me to wrap my head around, so I was hoping someone could help me hash out the best way of doing what I want to do.

    In the main navigation, there will be three links that deal with post display: Residential, Commercial, and Rooms.

    What I’ve been thinking I’d do is create a custom post type called Jobs, and then a taxonomy of either Commercial or Residential. So far, so good, right?

    Well Rooms has me totally buggered. If Jobs is a post of photos, is it possible to tag individual photos as, say, Kitchen, or Bath?

    Basically what I’m after is a vague form of cross-referencing…I want visitors to be able to scan over a whole job and see how the rooms work together, but then I also want to be able to display individual rooms from all jobs.

    Is that possible??

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  • This isn’t a bump, but a progress report…

    I have figured out how to add metadata to an attachment, even so far as how to save that metadata and so forth! I’m pumped.

    But I’ve hit a new wall.

    I’m creating pages called “Bedrooms”, “Kitchens”, etc.

    What I need to do is first save the slug of the current page. I did that using this code:

    	global $post;
    	$slug = get_post( $post )->post_name;

    Then I need to check $slug against the meta_key _room‘s value to see if they match, because I only want Bedrooms on the Bedroom page. If they DO match, I need to display that image’s “Large List” size. I know how to do that. Really the only thing that’s out of my league is taking $slug and making sure it matches _room, and then link that image to its parent post.

    I know that is a lot. But I would appreciate it IMMENSELY if anyone could help shed some light on it for me!

    Still hammering away at this…with no luck.

    Here’s my code, which I’m afraid is dreadfully wrong.



    Does anyone know what needs to go in those PHP tags on line 33??

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