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  • My website took years to develop, and yet it’s one of the most basic, streamlined, stripped down designs out there. I am very indecisive and couldn’t quite pinpoint the ideal design that meets my needs as a sensory challenged autistic woman.

    Then I discovered Ben’s plugin and his “Decisions, not options” approach from the WordPress codex, and things started clicking in place for me. As I began to let go of options that never felt right for me but that were expected of bloggers, my final design really started coming together, and now I’m just days from launching.

    And one of the key elements of my website’s design is Ben’s plugin. I’m an essayist, and my website is devoid of the usual sidebar content found on most sites. In fact, I don’t have any sidebars at all. So my design really just consists of a text header in a special font, my essays (lots and lots of goofball words), some curious navigation links, one photo, and a beautiful, clickable Twitter blockquote embedded in each essay.

    Out of the box, Ben’s plugin is so easy to use, and it looks great. But if you want to customize it to better fit your website’s design, just follow the quick couple of steps he provides and you can style the entire thing to your liking. You can even change the button text from ‘Click to tweet’ to your own language, or, as I did, to a Fontello icon.

    And if you have questions (so few do; that’s how good this plugin is), Ben is quick to answer. I’ve never met him before, but I can tell he’s a really great guy, and that makes me love this plugin even more.

    So thank you, Ben. I’m grateful for all the time you invested to create this plugin for the WordPress community. It’s a beautiful design element for my website, and an unobtrusive way to encourage people to interact with my work.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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