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  • Why? Because we need some damn standards here, that’s why.

    I keep running into WordPress themes that blatantly violate the rules. Why? Because we tolerate the crap. It’s time to stop that, and we start with the garbage appearing on the Theme Viewer. Here are the rules I would establish were I the admin at the Theme Viewer. I have no grasp of mark-up or code and that is why I would put these rules into place.

    Rule #1. All XHTML must conform to W3C standards. It does not validate as XHTML 1.0 the theme is rejected.

    If this means a theme is not compatible with Internet Explorer, then Internet Explorer can ingest my undies. Microsoft can either start playing nice with others, or Microsoft can fold and open up the field to more competent people. Jerks deserve to suffer.

    I will not repair your XHTML; I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do it in the first place. I will not ask anyone else to repair your XHTML. Either you repair your XHTML or your theme will not be hosted by Theme Viewer.

    Rule #2. All CSS must conform to W3C standards. It does not vaidate as CSS 2.0 the theme is rejected. All that I said regarding XHTML above applies here to CSS.

    Rule #3. Feeds must conform to W3C standards. Any feed included with the theme does not validate according to W3C’s feed validator, the theme is rejected. All that I said regarding XHTML above applies here to feeds.

    Rule #4. Please note, before this rule can be put into effect somebody needs to have PHP validated and any errors found repaired. But basically it comes down to … PHP must conform to established standards. The PHP does not validate the theme is rejected.

    Rule #5. If the theme uses javascript said javascript must follow established standards. If the javascript does not validate (Anybody know of a javascript validator?), the theme will be rejected

    Rule #6. The theme will use standard mark-up, so long as that mark-up validates. The ThemeLab Choice 1.0 theme does not use WordPress standard Loop mark-up. Makes it a bitch to add code and script to the Loop.

    Rule #7. You will provide contact information. Some way people can write you. No valid contact information, the theme is rejected. A web site or blog of your own is nice, but not absolutely necessary.

    Rule #8. You will keep your contact information up to date should it ever change. If anybody can’t get in touch with you for any reason your themes will be deleted.

    Rule #9. You will check up on your account at least once every calendar month since your first theme was accepted for hosting. So if your first theme was accepted for hosting on July 13th, then you would be required to check in on your account on August 13th, September 13th, October 13th and so on and so forth at the latest. Any failure to check on your account by your deadline your account and all associated themes will deleted. BTW, no bots. Using a bot in an attempt to satisfy this requirement earns you a perma-ban.

    Rule #10. No sponsored themes, end of story.

    Rule #11. No redirects. All links included in your theme must go to where they say they go. So make sure you use direct links to the pages you want people to go to.

    Rule #12. No links to porn, or anything illegal.

    All themes will be vetted before being uploaded for hosting. Any theme found to be in violation of any of the rules above will be rejected. If previously accepted but then found to be in violation of any of the rules above, the theme will be deleted.

    Finally, the first act of my administration will be to delete all themes currently hosted, and to delete all accounts. Everybody gets to audition again under the new rules. I realize the preceding pretty much precludes my ever being named as the Theme Viewer admin, but damn it people, it’s time we got tough about this sort of thing.

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