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  • Yesterday I stopped receieving e-mails when someone would leave a comment. I knew it wasn’t my WP because I use a perl based guestbook that is also supposed to send me e-mail when someone signs it. So I told my webhosts tech support and they’re sage advice to me was to make sure I check the options in WP and my guestbook. Suffice it to say I’m switching hosts.

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  • I sent you a letter through your e-mail.php on your site. It should help distinguish if it’s a mail server error or something else.

    If we switched hosts everytime we received sage advice from our hosts we would never stop. My favourite is *its your firewall*. It covers everything.

    Thats the problem. Formmail doesn’t work either. But yet it’s WP. Whatever. *lol*

    Did you tell them that your perl-based guestbook e-mail function isn’t working either?
    You could also put the burden of proof on them, ask them to upload a script of their choice that can send e-mails, and try to use it.

    Yep, they still say that the mail is working fine.

    I’ve been having problems with them since day one so I’m just waiting for the DNS change now.




    Another user in IRC reported not receiving emails. The problem was that the Amavisd content filter that was used to block malware was misreading the headers from WP-generated mail. The content filter was rejecting messages due to their “not-well-formed-ness”.
    The solution was determined to be a minor change to Amavisd’s sensitivity for well-formed-ness.

    You may want to investigate the complete flow of email into and out of your system. There may be software in use that you don’t know about, or wouldn’t normally consider to be a culprit in these situations.

    So I’m back with my old webhost since the new one was saying I was using a gig of bandwidth a day. (Hardly) Anyway the same old problem cropped up with the e-mail notification. I sent them another request and this was there answer this time.
    A: Sendmail is not very reliable in a shared environment. Please try using scripts that usilize SMTP server functionality.
    You pay money for a host you expect it to work. I’ll be installing wpPHPmailer tonight and we’ll see what happens then.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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