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  • Ok so what I was originally after was a work roster plugin for wordpress where a user could be designated as the “roster admin” and would, in a calendar, enter everyones work hours for the week. Each user would have access to their own and only their own work hours. A bit like any non-wordpress calendar app out there but I cant seem to find anything for wordpress. PHPscheduleit is a close example to what I want but 1. doesnt intergrate with wordpress and 2. is more of a resource and event booking which has too many bits to cut out of it to make it simple for my users to use.

    So what I’m looking for now is anything that will allow a user to put a work roster together and each user view only their own. Even something in spreadsheet form which is editable by admin and view only by staff. I was toying with the User Specific Content plugin but the “roster entry page” would end up to messy with 30 shortcodes to hide/show the necessary bits.

    Has anyone seen such a plugin around?

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