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  • Hi Support community,

    I have a client that is looking to put together a system that is unlike something I have seen before on WordPress. There are things that come close, and i am sure with a the right combination of plugins, I could make it happen.

    So, this is where I ask the community for some help / insight.

    Basically, the customer wants:

    Memebership system (plenty of those about)
    Multi Vendor system (plenty of those too)
    now here comes the tricky part, which i can’t seem to put together…

    Members selling access to specific pages they create or specific photogalleries or other such media / content a member makes. The member should be able to define the amount they want to charge for access to their media / content / profile. Every time a user purchases access, 1% of the access fee charged goes to the website owner (perhaps this can be done with the woocommerce affiliate system?).

    I sincerly hope someone here on the wordpress forum is able to help provide some guidence.

    My last resort is to ask on some wordpress coder forums, perhaps there is no combination of plugin to achieve this and thus this needs to be custom coded, i really hope not!

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing something back soon.

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  • You may approach this from different angles, depending on what “membership” means in this context, and what kind of products “vendors” can sell.

    If your client is trying to create a multi-vendor course marketplace like,,, etc, the commercial LMS plugin Leandash has a “Multiple Instructors” addon that’s built for just this purpose, allowing course creators/instructors to set their own pricing, and the site owner to levy a commission for every course sold.

    Or if your client is trying to create a multi-vendor stock photography website like,,, etc using the Symbiostock plugin with the “vendors” addon could be one good approach, allowing contributing artists to set their own pricing and the website owner to take a cut of all sales.

    And, for traditional products, Woocommerse has a number of multi-vendor extensions.

    And you could even integrate Learndash or Symbiostock with Woocommerce to implement some interesting setups!

    Good luck!

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