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  • Hi. I installed WP last night. I like it. I’ve been using MT for a while, and while I always liked it, there were a lot of things I didn’t like. I am going to gradually make a full-site transition to WP in the coming weeks, which means I’ll be poking around these forums asking odd questions a lot.
    As part of that, I’ll be answering questions as I learn the answers. I would like to become part of the community here, and that means giving and taking. I just have to figure out who needs help, and how, as I muddle around here learning this program.
    I know this has been discussed and denied before, but would the “management” be willing to reconsider a new forum software program? I would really love a program that had email notifications – that way, if I’m working on another project, and I get an email saying there’s a new post in my pet forum area, I could wander over and help – not just wait until I visit again, and hope somebody else helped in the meantime. That’s a very, very nice feature about some of the bigger programs. AND that’s up to the user whether to use that – it wouldn’t be forced on us all. I know there are a lot of other people who’d be interested in something like this. I just don’t believe this forum software is going to work out really well when WP gets much bigger.

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    You can choose to receive RSS feeds as email, which is functionally the same as subscribing to a thread via email.
    I’m working on a custom RSS feed that will let you subscribe (with one feed) to every thread you’ve participated in.

    Is this what you are looking for? It’s on LaughingLizard’s site.

    Ok, the rss feeds aren’t bad – I’d kind of forgotten them. One addition to that might be to have an rss feed for a whole section of the forum – hacks, for example, so I’d see every new post in the hacks forum. There’s no way to do that right now, is there?
    I didn’t think of all the things that would be lost with a forum change – I withdraw my request. 🙂

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