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  • Hi guys,

    We work with B2B and B2C services, being B2C the major one. Today we have a customised CMS where the B2C website is public and B2B is private.

    Is it possible for me to have both Bs in one WP installation? And then use some plugins (suggestion here please) to make my B2B part private and isolated from B2C? Another problem is that even if both parts share some functionalities, the B2B look and feel should be completely different from B2C. Is it possible for me to style just the B2B part, without affect the rest of the website?


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  • spooky, i’ve just this second asked a very similar question! We must have been typing at the same time. Hopefully we can acheieve what we need.

    🙂 really spooky 🙂

    About our problem, the only thing that I can imagine so far is using some membership plugins. But i’m not full convinced that is the best solution. The same as you, I want when the registered user login a “new website” appear for him. Some posts will be shared between public and private users, but when I want a specific post goes just for private users, how do I do? Can I create specific pages/posts for the private users? These and other questions still in my head.

    I hope we can find someone to help us.

    I had a certain level of success with the WP-members plugin.

    – The problems I found with this were is was Member/nonmember access as aposed to individual user have different page access levels within the secure area.

    – search results results returned snippets of pages from the secured area even when not logged in. The full page was still inaccessbile, but I wanted NO info visible to outside world.

    – it did not appear secure enough, no SSL, but I think this might be a seperate issue.

    I think I’m gonna start a fresh and try the “Member Access” and/or “user access manager” plugins. One of which specifically mentions omiting from search results, and there is mention of user level access. My problem is the amount of time it takes to try/test/evaluate each plugin!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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