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  • That is generally from using relative paths to image file locations, which does not work in WordPress.

    Also, while looking at your page, you have an unusually high number of errors in your CSS stylesheet. Then I just validated the single page and there are 82 errors, including a number of missing closing tags, and tag mismatches.

    You can get to the CSS validator from that same page.
    All of those errors can in places lead to strange results in browsers, especially in IE. You would be wise top clean up as many as you can figure out the source of.

    thanks for the reply,

    but in the home page it works fine right? the same header getting called everywhare. can you suggest how to use the images other than this way?

    That it works correctly on the home page and not on the inner pages is exactly why you can’t use relative paths to files in WordPress. All paths must be from the root of the site.

    The problem is on inner pages they are being called from within a different folder, and the relative path no longer finds those files where they are actually located. Look at the URL’s you posted – is at the top level, and the paths work fine is one or two folders deeper so the relative paths don’t work. Its as simple as starting your image paths with a “/”

    I ran the validator and got this result.

    178 Errors, 77 warning(s)

    I run a travel related site and I noticed the bookings went away after May 2, 2009. Yesterday I did a lot of checking with my friends and IE 7 the sites a bunch of jibberish and IE 8 it does not load at all. It also has issues in Netscape and Yahoo. I use Fire Fox and it seems to work fine.

    The site is I really could you use the help in cleaning theses up and resolving the problem. I have no idea how to do it and would be more than happy to pay someone for their time before I am out of business!



    Hi stvwlf,

    That makes sense, let me try it and let you know , i really appreciate the time taken to reply.

    thanks again

    Hi stvwlf,

    i found out the problem , in my Permalink Settings it was set to custom structure.(/%category%/%postname%) , when i changed that to default structure it is working fine.

    Any thoughts on this?



    Now that you’ve changed them to default, try changing them back to what they were. Sometimes changing to default resets some internal WP settings and after that permalinks will work correctly.

    I do see the correct full path to the images on your single page now.

    i just made it , it is working fine.

    i used the full path .

    thanks for the help dude , YOU ROCK!!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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