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    I am having huge troubles with my podcasting.

    I use Safari, Tiger OSX, WP 2.05, the PodPress Plugin, and Permalinks are enabled apparently.

    Most of my issues are probably simple issues, but for me they are hard. Can anyone help?

    I uploaded my first ever mp3 to my uploads folder and created a post. I inserted the following link :
    Podcast in the body of the entry.

    When I viewed the blog home page I saw the new post with the Podcast link in the body. When I clicked the podcast link inside the entry all it did was load a separate page that looked exactly like the home page with the exception that in the URL field of Safari the url read – Weird. So, I decided to edit my entry.

    I went back into Admin and located the post. I noticed an area beneath the post that is called “Podcasting” I imagine this is my PodPress plugin at work.

    It had a button that said “add media file” so I clicked it. From there I used a drop down menu that had my newly uploaded podcasts1.mp3 in the drop down list, and I selected it. I gave it a title, allowing it to autodetect size and duration and finally I checked both the RSS2 and Atom for it to be included it (whatever that means).

    I then saved the who thing and went back to my site.

    Gone was the manual link I had put inside my entry moments earlier. It was replaced with a huge line of code that included several cool links, giving a user the option to load the podcast inside the post or download in a separate window. It worked swimingling well. But there were issues.

    I checked the source coad expecting to find an “enclusure tag” somewhere, and none was to be found. I tried editing the post and using a full url to the mp3 file, saving and rechecking the source code, and no enclosure tags.

    I was under the impression that WordPress 2.05 automatically inserts enclure tags somewhere in your code (I don’t know where) when you link to an audio file, and it did not do it. This tells me something is not right.

    Here is what WordPress support says:

    LOL it says 500 intrernal sever error, thats what it says. LOL. Well, damn. Just what I needed. Just trust me, OK ..the codex says that WP creates enclosure tags, and they are no where to be found in my source.:P

    Any suggestions?

    Also, I am trying to get iTunes to accept my podcast feed url, and I am not sure what that is. Is it the same as the Entries RSS feed link or do I need to use a different link url? Obviously, what I want is for people to be able to subscribe to my podcasts only, so that whenever I upload a new podcast and post an entry for it, the people are notified of a new podcast. I fail to see how my Entries RSS feed url would accomplish this, as it is a feed for any and all new posts.

    Thank you.

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