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  • OK, I’m hoping you guys can help me. I’m an artist and I want to keep using WP on my site. I had it before, but 2.3 broke the world (because I was using several plugins that were not compatible with it — my own fault). I took the site down since I was going to redesign it anyway, but the plugin I was using for thumbnail management (customizable post listings) no longer works.

    I just need a plugin that will read a directory of images and spit out links to their respective posts via thumbnails (the plugin doesn’t have to generate the thumbnails, though that would be nice). I need it to display the thumbnails on the sidebar, sorted by date.

    The thing is, I need a lightweight plugin, as opposite to something that will merge WP with a powerful image management application like Gallery – I do not need all those features and I do not need more databases loading up the server either. I just need a few lines of code that will do this one small task. Customizabe post listings did it beautifully, but it looks like it was abandoned. 🙁

    Does anyone know of anything like that? Are there any plugins that will do this for me?


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  • Have you looked at WP-SimpleViewer? It does more than I think you’re asking for, but worth a look. It is more like a simple Gallery-type plugin and I’m not sure if it could be put into a sidebar widget.

    Thanks a lot for the tip, but it looks like it doesn’t do the sidebar thing… 🙁

    How about NextGen Gallery? I have not actually used the sidebar widget that comes with it, so not entirely sure – but worth a shot…

    Thanks again but it seems huge to me… and it looks like it will display random images on the sidebar but not specifically the most recent image… I think I’m just screwed because all the image gallery scripts are big and do everything I don’t need them to do. 🙁

    Thanks a lot guys but I guess I’ll have to do this all by hand. >.<

    GOD I wish customizable post listings would work.

    The nextgen gallery widget does display the most recent images. The only downside is that you cannot specify which folder it pulls the images from. You can choose how many thumnails to include in the sidebar so this might work for what you are doing if you just want to display the most recent additions to the gallery.

    I can write this plugin for you, it sounds very simple and I can use it too. Are the images located in the WordPress Upload folder? Or in a specific folder? And will there be a specific number of most recent images to list?

    taz you are a HERO!

    I used to have the images in a folder called artfiles, but since I just redid my site, it doesn’t really matter where they go now. The only problem with the plugin looking for images in the default upload folder is that it would list everything that goes in that folder — even when it’s not artwork. So I don’t know, maybe a separate folder would be best — or have it look wherever we tell it to, the default folder or whatever we specify?

    I used to have 12 thumbnails displayed on the sidebar and then a link to the archives for the “art” category if people wanted to see more. But dude, whatever you decide to do will be fine by me as long as I can have my thumbnails back.

    Thank you so much for the offer, you are awesome!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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