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  • Plugin Author Michael Ott


    Here’s a simple troubleshooting exercise you can try if you believe you’ve done everything correct yet still don’t see the expected thumbnail when you share your page on Facebook.

    But before I get into it, please read the sticky posts first. Done that? Read on.

    1) View the source code of the page in question.

    2) Search for this comment…

    <!--/ Facebook Thumb Fixer Open Graph /-->

    …and directly below it you’ll see a bunch of open graph tags.

    3) Look closely at the content values of each meta tag (og:url, og:description etc) and confirm they are what you expected (it’s easy to tell what they mean by the property name – for example og:title is the page title). Particularly the og:image path which you can quickly check by copying the URL and pasting it into a new tab. So if the og:image tag was like this…

    <meta property="og:image" content="" />

    …then copy/paste into a new tab (and hit ENTER) to check if it’s the correct image.

    4) If the image is what you expected and all the other open graph content values look good as well, then the plugin is doing it’s job properly and the only thing left for you to do is use the Facebook Debugger to finish the job.

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