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  • I searched and attempted to install some spell checkers the other day. After an hour and failed attempts, I gave up.

    Can someone suggest a working spell checker which I can simply install as a plugin to check my spelling as I type in the Write window?


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  • What version of WordPress are you using? I had a great spellchecker that I enjoyed… but it’s not 2.0 compatible.

    You’d think there’d be a bunch of these things…

    Instead of a spell checker specifically for WordPress, I use the SpellBound Extension for FireFox. For me, this is a better solution as it can be used to spell check ANY text input window (including this one that I am using to enter this post). That way I only have one custom dictionary that I have to keep up with no matter where I am entering text. There is a new beta version that I have been using for a couple of weeks with no problem that even includes on-the-fly inline spell checking much like Microsoft Word. It is available here.

    That said I too wish I could get a spell checker to work in one of my multi-user blogs. Most other users would just rather have a spell checker built in instead of loading yet “ANOTHER piece of software.” This blog is on a windows IIS machine, and I have yet to find a spell checker for that. So try SpellBound out, you will love it!

    Well, for whatever reason (although why would I think this?) my spell checker plugin STILL WORKS, even though the author claimed it would not. Actually, his exact words were that it “would not play well”, but it’s playing fine enough for me, so have at it.

    I have uploaded the files of Spelling Checker to my plugins folder, but it simply won’t show up in the Plugins list for me to activate it.

    What do the installation directions say?

    Any issues for anyone using this this spellchecker on v.2.0?

    If so, can you suggest another spellcheck plugin.


    hey heyrsmith,

    You almost convinced me to use Spellbound, but I notice that Spellbound has only been tested up through Firefox 1.0:

    I’m using Firefox 1.5, have you tried that combination? Any issues?

    Man, I love you folks! Didn’t know about the Firefox spellchecker!

    I wasted a great deal of time trying to install aspell, the engine behind some of the WP spell check plugins, before giving up.

    Quick, group hug. Thanks!

    I think you misread that faq, zeigen:

    I currently only support SpellBound with Firefox 1.0 or greater which includes Trunk builds.

    My read is: yes, 1.5 is good to go.

    Zeigen & Carterco- I have been using the Beta Version of Spellbound with 1.5 for a couple of months. It is not listed on the developer’s website and is being rolled out to testers via word of mouth. While I liked the old version, I love the new beta version. For me it is the single most important extension for FireFox. It is better than any built-in spell checker in that I can use it on any website with any text form (not just WordPress) thus rendering my custom dictionary useful all the time. I have used the Beta extensively in windows; there seems to be some discussion in the Mac community as to what the best protocol might be to invoke the speller (there are a couple of hacks in the thread at the link that give you various options to customize it the way you want) but other than that everyone seems quite pleased by it. Give the beta a shot and let me know what you think. You may never desire a built-in spell check again…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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