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  • Since the upcoming WP 3.2 needs MySQL 5 and the server I’m on still uses 4, I asked my host how things are with implementing 5. The answer is that they have made a server with MySQL 5 and I can make a request to use that server. I think this basically means that they are going to transfer all WP and Joomla sites to that server. Knowing that this shared host, hosts over 200 websites on the same server (never had any problems), I wonder if that would be a good idea. Of course, the websites that are going to be transferred all use the latest Joomla or WP, otherwise there would be no need for the transfer, so the software is up-to-date, the webmasters are responsible, but on the other hand, a server full of WP and Joomla, no more html sites needing no resources and being uninteresting to hack…
    What do you think?

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  • Well, how about this:

    Plesk works only with MySQL4, and it is not possible to install MySQL5 on the server. Hence the external MySQL server to MySQL5.

    a server full of WP and Joomla, no more html sites needing no resources and being uninteresting to hack…

    Where did you get this idea?

    Hundreds of shared servers are full of WP and Joomla (and Drupal, and HTML and anything else). It’s not a problem most of the time. Also think of this: You’re on a shared server NOW with all of them 😉

    Also your host is wrong. The minimum version of Plesk for MySQL 5 is 8.1.0. So Plesk can and DOES work with MySQL5. Heck, here’s an article on how to upgrade to MySQL 5.1 –

    So points are:
    1) Your host is incorrect.
    2) A shared server with tons of WP/Joomla/whatever PHP apps is not a problem.

    Thanks for your replies. The thing that made me wonder is that they now have a server especially for Joomla and WP, while now 75% of the other websites on the same server as mine are just html thingies. Naturally they need little resources, etc.
    But then again, the other reply seeemed to imply that the website remains on the same server, but I get a new database on another server. So now I have to worry about transferring the content of a multi database to another database.

    Normally DB transfers are pretty simple and easy. Moving from 4 to 5 is … a pain in the ass.

    Most of the time, I’d say you shouldn’t worry about the server allocation, though since your host seems to think Plesk can’t use MySQL5, I’d make REALLY solid backups.

    Export your DB via phpMyAdmin or whatever tool you have and save that, before you move. If they blow up your DB, at least you’ll be able to import it.

    My host says that they use Plesk 7.5 Reloaded, which is incompatible with MySQL 5. They’re working on it, but since their testing is already overtaken by the release of Joomla 1.6 and probably also by WP 3.2, that is why they’ve configured another server. Andrea already mentioned in a new thread I made for this new question that a Plesk export and PHPmyAdmin (of the other server) import would be no problem. As of now I have two database, so I guess I can do a little testing with the new one and when it seems to work, edit wp-config. Besides, I’ll have the time for testing until 3.2, so I guess I’ll have a few more weeks 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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