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    I am using v5.4.4. of Wp-events.

    I noticed a few days ago that the counter of events to be published, waiting for reviews, is different on the side column than in the plugins’ lists.

    In other words, the side colum displays a “1”, noticing me that an even is awaiting approval. But when I check the waiting events, there are none.

    Any idea how to fix this ? :-/

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  • Hi,

    I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Which side column do you mean?

    The left menu column.

    Ah, you mean in Admin?

    Are your sure you’re not looking at a page using the “wrong” filter? I mean something like having the filter set to Future Events instead of All Events? Or something like that…

    Good idea. I checked, but it doesn’t seem to be the issue.

    I currently have a number “3” in the admin panel. When I hit events listing, I see that “pending events” displays the number “2”. When I check these events, only two events are displayed. I checked : they are all here (All events).


    First of all, can you try updating to the latest version please? I believe we’ve seen this before and so it may have been fixed in the latest version.


    Unfortunately, we cannot upload new versions on the main server, we first need to check that everything is working fine in dev platforms.

    Do you have an offline / dev server you could run a check on?

    I’m thinking you could export / import the database of the site with the problem to see if it still appears with the latest version of Events Manager.

    Yes, that’s what we will end up doing. I was hoping for a quicker fix, maybe a known issue, or like you said, some setting overlooked. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Can you check your wp_em_events table for records with event_status = 0?

    Chances are you’ll see 3 there, one being the odd-one out.

    I am running the latest version and (I think) I’m experiencing something similar.

    I’ve made 3 screenshots to explain what I see.

    This is a screenshot from my submit page on
    It shows 22 upcoming (which is correct) and 101 past, which should be 102.

    I made a new query in the sidebar which queries all published post which have post_type=event and counts them. As you can see I have 124 events, which also shows from the admin.

    This is the published future events (22 events)

    This is the publihsed past events (102 events)

    View post on

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Thanks for the info, but unfortunately this doesn’t help… what I need is access to a site that reproduces this consistently, because aside from one-offs on individual sites we simply can’t reproduce this.

    There is however some hope now… a user has submitted a site that I can now reproduce a similar problem with locations. I’m not sure it’s the same problem with events (or if it’s even exactly this problem, because it’s creating duplicate locations), but once I figure the reason behind it I can see if it could affect events too.

    I can give you access to my site, no prob…

    Plugin Author Marcus


    if you can reproduce this problem, then yes that’d be helpful. If not then there’d be little I can do without seeing the problem in action.

    Can you send the info to and also reference this url so we know it’s you?

    will do right away

    Well, now I have 2 events to approve in the menu bar, and none really. :-/ #ThePlotThickens

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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